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Alligator for Baby’s T-shirt with cricut htv

Alligator for Baby’s T-shirt with cricut htv

When it comes to making life interesting, at some point the thoughts need to be turned into action. With summer around the corner, shirt has become the best choice for crafter mom to be working with. A single white tee can be so impressive with creative ideas. Today I am gonna introduce you an adorable pattern-Alligator. Let’s make a lovely alligator baby shirt together!

First prepare these things below:

Download the pattern:

( If you want this svg, please contact us at Facebook.)

First step, cut a piece of the best green htv vinyl. Then put it on the iron-on mat, remembering to put the side of transfer paper on the mat, as well as setting mirror model. After all these preparation, tap go. After cutting, weed the extra material. It comes out like this then.

Next, cut a small piece of grass green vinyl. We don’t need much grass green vinyl so don’t cut too much that you won’t waste your material. Though our htv vinyl is cheap, wasting is a bad behaviour. Weed extra material, you can try to layer these pieces.

The last step is to transfer it to the shirt. Find a good place to iron on first. Where I would like to stick the alligator is at the right site of the shirt. Put the green cheap htv vinyl piece first. Heat the iron to an appropriate temperature. It’s better to put one teflon sheet on the vinyl to avoid destroying the vinyl.


Weed the transfer tape~ Here comes our excellent alligator shirt.

You can also make it with printable htv vinyl. Sticking this to your diary would be very adorable too.

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