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Best Heat Transfer Vinyl for T Shirt Custom Design

There is an 80% chance you have worn a t-shirt this week. You may even be wearing one at the moment. If you are, take a good look at it, is it plain or adorned with graphics, image, or text. So many of us are attracted to different things asides it being comfortable to wear. However, this may be impossible (i.e., design) if some sort of heat transferring or curing is not done. This is the point where heat transfer vinyl comes in. Getting the best heat transfer vinyl designs on the shirt is not an easy quest. We took it upon us to help you with the best heat transfer vinyl with impeccable heat transfer properties. The market is overwhelmed with lots of options hence why we narrow it down to the best three transfer vinyl. These include;

  1. Different Colors Bundle: If you are a fan of bundle heat transfer vinyl, then this may be your favorite. It makes the top best for a number of the reason of which having different colors of vinyl as one. If you are moving up higher the beginner phase, this is an amazing option for you. It is a great option for those who are trying new prints or designs; you can venture into more colorful prints. This vinyl also comes out great on sweatshirts or hoodies. They are produced in 12" x 10". They are lightweight and thin and are extremely durable. Its features include, it is easy to weed, great for mugs and car windows. Perfect for beginners as well. 

  1. HTV 12” x 10” 20 Pack Sheets: this is definitely one of the best on the market, being that it comes in 20 sheets and quite affordable. A good choice for those into print-on-demand t-shirts. It is made of polyurethane and of high quality. It is a cold peel type of HTV and may require a subtly different process. It is quite easy to peel without having that plastic effect. It comes with usage and maintenance instructions making it much easier for beginners. Prints or designs on the shirt can last for at most 50 washes or even more. It has a Teflon protective sheet that helps preserve the vinyl for a long time.

3.65 Vinyl Sheets (PrimeCuts): this is the best option for experts and professionals who knows how to play with colors. The 65 vinyl sheets come produced in 12"x12" sheets. As an enthusiastic cutter or HTV aficionado, this option helps save more money because of its (it is obvious) 65 sheets in a bundle. However, it is important to note that the sheets are 3.0 mil in thickness and are produced with their backing and liner. Another awesome feature is that it comes in a number of finishes, which range from matte to glossy for each color available. This HTV can be used to create amazing decals for t-shirts, picture frames, signs, decals, rain boots, etc. It can last for at most four years outdoors and an additional year indoors.

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