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Best Vinyl for Cricut: Factors, Brands & Places

Best Vinyl for Cricut: Factors, Brands & Places

Eager to find the best vinyl for your Cricut? Always trying to understand the differences among the vinyl for Cricut in diverse types? Look no further here! With this post, you will be all set!

Here we are, going to take you to unlock the mystery crafting world and clarify the standards for choosing the best vinyl. And you will find the answers to the top ones in different types of vinyl for Cricut and common questions you may have in your mind.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Vinyl for Cricut?

Before officially engaging in the purchase of vinyl for crafting, there are some points you need to consider in advance.

1. Types of Vinyl for Cricut

First, it’s crucial to understand the diversity of vinyl for the Cricut machine. We can find the most popular heat transfer vinyl, permanent vinyl, sublimation paper, printable vinyl, and various vinyl bundles when we explore the market.

Usually, heat transfer vinyl is also called HTV or iron-on vinyl. It’s primarily for creating garment crafts, fabulous fabric and wooden designs, adorable mug and teacup decorations, and more. This vinyl for Cricut can typically resist machine washes. Therefore, HTV can be a good choice if you are looking for waterproof vinyl for Cricut!

Permanent vinyl, also known as adhesive vinyl, combines strong adhesion and is used as a durable sticker on smooth surfaces. You can apply it to glass, wood, metal, books, mugs, etc. The best vinyl for car decals! Besides, these two types of ink for Cricut always come in tons of stylish patterns and rich colors. Both are perfect as color vinyl for Cricut! Printable vinyl is another sticker. The great disparity between it and adhesive vinyl is that this vinyl can be printed with colorful images. But also, based on its printable feature, this sticker paper is always transparent and does not have rich colors.

Sublimation paper is a high-tech type of vinyl for cotton. It requires a higher temperature and a special medium to work. This vinyl for Cricut can also be printed with pictures and get along with synthetic fabrics like polyester, items like mugs, tumblers, wood, key chains, and other heat-resistant objects with a sublimation coating.

2. Ease of Use

Next, you have to consider the quality of the best vinyl. Good quality always allows you to enjoy a butter-like cutting and weeding process. The premium vinyl for Cricut machines can be easily cut through with intricate letters and patterns and then delivers a silky weeding experience. And this needs proper stickiness and strong flexibility.

3. Price

We hope to get cheap vinyl for Cricut, but with good quality. Crafters are used to stashing diverse types of vinyl for Cricut to make provision for the next inspiration spark! So we always look for the most economical and financially worthwhile vinyl for Cricut!

4. Durability

Of course, the best vinyl for Cricut we choose must be enduring so that the vinyl designs on our garments and items can maintain their beauty for a long time.

5. Size

And last, you may take size into account. For crafters' sake, different brands have designed a bunch of sizes for you to choose from. There are vinyl sheets and vinyl rolls for Cricut, which can meet almost all of your crafting needs and machines. There is also an abundance of vinyl bundles with sheets and rolls all inside to widen your crafting eye line.

Best Vinyl for Cricut

After chatting about the perspectives you may be concerned about, let’s dive into our main topic!

1. Best Iron on Vinyl for Cricut: HTVRONT Heat Transfer Vinyl 12"x5 Ft

Best Iron on Vinyl for Cricut

Here, HTVRONT Heat Transfer Vinyl is recommended to be your best HTV for Cricut, especially when you’re looking for a larger quantity of a single color. These vinyl rolls for Cricut are 5 feet in length and 12 inches in width, making them suitable for small businesses and frequent use in one regular color.

● Quantity: 1 roll
● Dimensions: 12" x 5ft
● Color: 36 assorted colors

● Economical
● SGS certification: Eco-friendly
● 36 assorted colors
● Easy to cut & weed
● Large quantity

● One color for each roll
● The carrier of the white roll may be a bit thick.

2. Best Permanent Vinyl for Cricut: Oracal 651 Roll

Best Permanent Vinyl for Cricut

The best permanent vinyl is the Oracal 651 Roll, which is moderately thin with a 0.6 mm thickness. Therefore, it's pretty easy to cut through and weed. Since this adhesive vinyl for Cricut features incredible stickiness, it can adhere to most smooth and flat surfaces like wood, metal, glass, and more. The best permanent vinyl for glass!

● Quantity: 1 roll
● Dimensions: 12.125" x 10ft., 25ft., 50ft
● Color: 64 assorted colors

● Great thickness
● 64 assorted colors
● Large quantity
● Easy to cut & weed

● One color for each roll
● The core of the vinyl may be too big

3. Best Printable Vinyl for Cricut: Koala Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer

Best Printable Vinyl for Cricut

One of the best printable vinyls for Cricut is Koala Printable Vinyl. These vinyl sheets for Cricut are compatible with most inkjet printers and suitable to be print-then-cut materials. It’s sticky enough to apply to most smooth and flat surfaces and can resist water. A budget pick for waterproof vinyl for Cricut!

● Quantity: 20 sheets
● Dimensions: 8.5x11 Inches
● Type: Matte

● Great thickness
● Matte visual effect
● Large quantity
● Suitable for inkjet printers

● The package is easy to get damaged
● The product may curl a bit

4. Best Sublimation Paper for Cricut: A-SUB Sublimation Paper, 8.5x11 Inch

Best Sublimation Paper for Cricut

A-SUB Sublimation Paper can be your best sublimation paper choice. It's thicker than other brands and delivers a better transfer effect. With a high transfer rate of over 98%, this vinyl paper for Cricut can apply to white or light-colored high-quality polyester, materials with less than 30% cotton content, premium ceramic and tiles, phone cases, and metal plates.

● Quantity: 110 sheets
● Dimensions: 8.5x11 Inches
● Type: 125g

● 98% High Transfer Rate
● Thicker paper
● Large quantity
● Wide range of sizes and weights

● It needs time to dry the ink
● Sometimes, it may need a higher temperature and a longer time to transfer

5. Best Glitter Vinyl for Cricut: FANSGUAR Glitter HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl, 12"x12"

Best Glitter Vinyl for Cricut:

As for glitter vinyl for Cricut, you must check out the FANSGUAR Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl. These vinyl sheets for Cricut are excellent value for money, with the most popular size. It contains a large number of colors and combines with premium glitters that won’t be easy to fall off. Easy to use and apply!

● Quantity: 13 sheets
● Dimensions: 12" x 12"
● Color: 13 assorted colors

● High-quality glitters
● 13 assorted colors
● Fit most cutters
● Easy to cut & weed

● The package is not very convenient to use
● It's a bit hard to find which part is for cutting

6. Best Vinyl Bundle for Cricut: HTVRONT Adhesive vinyl bundle

Best Vinyl Bundle for Cricut

If you’re in search of the best permanent vinyl bundle, then HTVRONT will be your best place to buy vinyl for Cricut. Its Adhesive Vinyl Bundle includes 49 packs of adhesive vinyl and two packs of transfer paper, giving you everything you need for sticky decorations. Thirty-six assorted colors, color-changing patterns, 48 sheets, and three rolls! What genuinely worthy merchandise!

● Quantity: 48 sheets, 3 rolls
● Dimensions: 12" x 12", 12" x 10", 12" x 5ft
● Color: 36 assorted colors

● Great stickiness
● 36 assorted colors
● Large quantity
● All-in-one bundle
● Easy to weed

● The color-changing type is not suitable for intricate patterns

Best Places to Buy Vinyl for Cricut

There are so many online shopping platforms for you, like Amazon and eBay. Also, besides these platforms, which sell a super wide range of items, you can buy different kinds of vinyl for Cricut from the official websites of different professional brands like HTVRONT, Cricut, Siser, etc.

From my personal perspective, I would buy the best vinyl from professional places, preferably official websites. And HTVRONT is my favorite, which always offers me great deals for the best vinyl and even huge discounts for heat press machines.

Their heat transfer vinyl and PU adhesive vinyl are my must-haves. Really convenient for making bags, shirts, and decorations for my phone cases! Love it!  


1. Which Cricut is best?

Cricut has developed lots of cutting machines with upgraded versions. I have tried four of them: Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore 2, Cricut Maker 2, and Cricut Maker 3. Among these cutting machines, Maker 3 would be my preferred answer for "what's the best Cricut machine" since it can meet most of my needs.

Cricut Maker 3 can match much more blade tools than the Explore series. Therefore, it can work well with a great number of materials, including balsa wood and leather. This is really convenient and has helped broaden my home decor imagination!

2. How to cut vinyl on Cricut?

As long as you download Cricut Design Space, the picture editing program, it will be a piece of cake for you to cut your vinyl for Cricut machines. You only need to design and edit your images in the app, send the cutting code to your machine, and load your vinyl for Cricut into the machine. The cut begins!

Remember to mirror the image when you cut with heat transfer vinyl and place a cutting mat under the vinyl to support the cutting process. 

3. What is the best brand of vinyl to use?

I'd like to introduce HTVRONT for both vinyl beginners and professionals. It's also popular for its best iron-on vinyl for Cricut among crafters with some vinyl experience. The salient point is that it contains a variety of vinyl and paper for garment crafts, and the quality is really amazing! If you're hesitating, just get one simple roll of heat transfer vinyl and give it a shot!

4. Can I use other brands of vinyl with Cricut?

Yeah! Of course, you can give other brands several tries! Since different machines perform diversely, you may come up with another best vinyl for your Cricut machines.

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