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Buying Guide for the Beat Heat Transfer Vinyl

Buying Guide for the Beat Heat Transfer Vinyl

In the market today, there are various options of vinyl making it a challenge to determine the best type of Heat Transfer Vinyl for custom projects. Firstly, you may want to think that all Heat Transfer Vinyl is the same and will generate the same result on custom projects making you want to settle for the more affordable option by default. However, not all Heat Transfer Vinyl is made the same. Heat Transfer Vinyl is produced in various colors for the sake of commercial wholesale and retail of custom projects.

Another factor to consider is the process of cutting and application of Heat Transfer Vinyl. First, you need to consider the Load i.e.; you will load rolls of colored or pattern HTV or sheet vinyl into the professional cutter. Then proceed to Create the design using CAD and any of your most preferred graphics software to map out the vinyl. The next step is to Cut and weed the vinyl using a vinyl cutter. Weed out the excess that is not part of the decal. Then, apply the decal using the heat press of your choice, apply the design on canvas, and the heat pressure will release the design onto the canvas. 


Size is also another factor to consider when purchasing Heat Transfer Vinyl. Vinyl is manufactured in rolls for commercial purposes. Standard cutters have placed on their back, making it easy to hold rolls and permit for prompt changeout. The holders help manage time without requiring constant reload. Certain vinyl jobs require dozens of feet at once. Although it is possible to obtain smaller sheets from DIY stores, I.e., the 12 x 12. DIYers who own or make use of cutters e.g., Cameo or Cricut, make use of the 12 x 12 option.

In case you want to upgrade from DIY cutter machine and used to purchasing vinyl from DIY stores are likely to have limited choices for Heat Transfer Vinyl. If upgrading to commercial cutter & getting HTV supplies from a professional supplier or brand, this means you need to expand your options and get optimum quality as well. As you know that there’s a huge difference between creating an order for 70 and above shirts for a customer and creating an order for just friends and family. Customers demand more in terms of quality, and by that, you need to get the best heat transfer vinyl for that project to meet the demand and reduce any further hassles.

Workability and Wash-ability of the Heat Transfer Vinyl

When making use of HTV, be sure to practice a lot to garner more exposure with HTV and also ask questions from suppliers. There is certain vinyl you can make use of that guarantees you consistent cut, and that is Triton vinyl. The Triton vinyl colors stay bright and wash well without peeling away from the shirt. Triton vinyl blends perfectly with the fabric once pressed on due to its thin structure, thereby giving the fabric a soft feel.

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