Can Transfer Tape Be Reused

Can Transfer Tape Be Reused
Can Transfer Tape Be Reused

What is Transfer Tape for Vinyl

Transfer tape (also called sticking tape) is a sticky paper or vinyl-like material that can be placed on top of a sticker or vinyl sheet to make the sticker easier to stick. After weeding the decals, you can pick up the design with a transfer tape (remove it from the backing) and place it on a surface, such as windows, car doors, plastic signs or whatever you like!

How many types does Transfer Tape have

There are many different types of transfer tape, including paper, plastic, transfer tape rolls and transfer tape sheets. At HTVRONT, we use high-quality transparent or mesh plastic adhesive tape to make it easy to buy transfer stickers. This works well for cut-out stickers with many different parts, because it can maintain the position of all the letters and illustrations of the sticker.

How to use transfer Tape

In order to help you understand why the transfer belt is so important to your stickers, here is our step-by-step process of making transfer stickers:

Step 1: Make and cut your design.Peel the negative vinyl,then lay it onto the transfer tape starting from one side and working towards the other

Step 2: Flip over your design, the grid on the release liner should be facing up. Separate the release liner from the transfer tape and vinyl by peeling the release liner back. Ensure the vinyl sticks to the transfer tape. If you see the vinyl is not sticking, lower the release liner and apply more pressure.

Step 3: Now that you have the vinyl with the sticky side up on the transfer tape, carefully place design where desired, use a squreegee or credit card to firmly press down the design.

Step 4: Remove the transfer tape. Try to pull with your hand close to the object at a tight angle. If you see the vinyl is not sticking, lower the decal and apply more pressure.

How many times can transfer tape be used

Did you know that the same transfer belt can be reused many times? This is real! I can use my favorite transparent transfer material three to four times at a time. Therefore, when you tear off a piece of transfer tape, do not throw it away, you can continue to use it until it is no longer needed.

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