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Craft Trends - Newest and Hottest Vinyl Materials

Craft Trends - Newest and Hottest Vinyl Materials

What's Trending Now in Crafts? Here we collect the newest and hottest vinyl matereials in carfts. And Htvront New Releases in Craft Vinyl!

1. Recent Craft Vinyl Event
2. What's Trending Now in Crafts
3. Htvront New Releases in Craft Vinyl


#1 - Recent Craft Vinyl Event | Free Gift Worth $30 

First of all, I can’t wait to tell you a good news that Htvront is currently holding an event, as long as you complete a simple questionnaire about new vinyl materials, you can get a gift worth $30 for free. After you complete the questionnaire, the gift will be automatically added to your shopping cart! The event will last until the end of June. Want to get free vinyl? Come and join! Here is the link: https://bit.ly/2SIxzMr


#2 - What's Trending Now in Crafts

In 2020, as we spend more time indoors, people of all ages have been introduced into the wonderful world of handicrafts. Are you an extraordinary craftsman? There are already a lot of new craft trends. Do you want to know the latest craft trends in 2021? Do you like to create new projects, use new materials and learn how to use new materials? If so, you may have mastered a large number of crafting staples. Maybe you often try new ways to personalize your property and make it more unique. You may have been looking for exciting new materials. Here we go!

Do you know vinyl? Vinyl may not be the newest or brightest material in the block, and you may not think about it too much, especially in terms of production. When many of us think of vinyl, we might think of it being related to clothes, shoes, floors, or even a kind of record. Maybe you never considered all the different purposes it might have in creating and living a more colorful and creative life.

Now, we want to take you to know one of the most versatile and unique materials in your arsenal - vinyl. Although vinyl can refer to many different things in many different industries, it has a specific definition in the field of art design. Regarding art and craftsmanship, vinyl can create designs on temporary surfaces before transferring the same design to a more permanent surface. For example, think about ironing a T-shirt applique. These are great examples of how to use vinyl in production. However, this is just a purpose, and you can do many other projects besides this simple project. Car decals are another good example, as are personalized greeting cards.

Newest and Hottest Vinyl Materials in Crafts

You can use many types of vinyl on the cutter (Cricut or Silhouette). Based on the emerging craft trends we see on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, we have compiled the newest and hottest vinyl types.


1. Color Changing Vinyl

Color Changing Vinyl

Color-changing vinyl can add something eye-catching to your craft project. This color changing vinyl with permanent adhesive changes color according to temperature. For example, when exposed to the cold, cold blue vinyl will change from matte transparent to blue. Red-yellow changes from red to yellow when heated. A wide range of color-changing vinyl permanent adhesives will amaze your friends.

2. Glow in the Dark Vinyl

Glow in the Dark Vinyl

Glow in the dark vinyl is a unique special vinyl that can absorb ambient light in daylight conditions and emit it afterwards to create a unique "glow in the dark" effect. Ideal for indoor applications, this vivid glow vinyl can stick to a variety of surfaces, including wood, vinyl, plastic, leather, metal, and laminate. Excellent adhesion, rechargeable luminescence and clean removal. There are endless possibilities for DIY crafts. The soft vinyl texture is perfect for use with Cricut Maker or Silhouette cutters.

3. Sublimation Vinyl

Sublimation Vinyl

Sublimation is a method of dyeing fabrics. Using a special printer, special ink and heat press, you can press colors into the fabric. Sublimation is a process that uses special inks. The sublimation ink directly dyes the fibers in the fabric. Through sublimation, you don't have to worry about peeling when using printable transfer. Through sublimation printing, the design will extend the life of the garment. You can print directly on the sublimation vinyl material, and then heat press it onto a variety of fabrics and colors.

4. Puff Vinyl

Puff Vinyl

3D puff vinyl is a brand new line of puff products. It is easy to weed and its pressure-sensitive carrier can be easily repositioned. This vinyl is really amazing - it puffs up right before your eyes! 3D puff HTV adds an extra dimension to your design. The puff HTV has a matte finish, which is perfect for making hats, bags and left chest logos. Use 3D Puff to add an interesting 3D look to any design!



#3 - Htvront New Releases in Craft Vinyl

1.Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl


Eye-catching Finish: holographic heat transfer vinyl is all about shining color and freedom of creativity! With its sparkly finish, this rainbow htv heat transfer vinyl allows you to say “yes” to more unique and complicated designs.

Easy to Use: You’ll love the easy cutting, weeding, and application. The pressure sensitive carrier of holographic htv heat transfer vinyl bundle allows for quick and simple weeding even intricate designs and releases easily with a cold peel after application.

Durable & Eco-friendly: Each holographic htv roll is made of high quality material, tough enough to withstand repeated washes, high temperature and sunshine without cracking, fading and peeling. Since our holographic crystal htv was SGS certified, it’s safe to apply on kids clothing.


This is the best holographic vinyl I have ever used. It cuts perfectly and weeds easily. When I use name brand vinyl I have to double cut it or add more pressure and weed carefully, because it rips easily. This vinyl does not do that and I only had to cut it once. It weeds in one piece with me pulling away the excess vinyl and leaves the small pieces behind. I've also had problems with holographic vinyl not sticking to the mat. This holographic vinyl sticks to the mat without tape. What I like most about this vinyl is the carrier sheet is very sticky compared to other holographic vinyl. It's perfect for small or intricate cuts. The tiny pieces stayed in place and the one that moved, I was able to stick back on the carrier sheet with no problem. I've been trying to make this design for months. I'm glad I purchased this vinyl, now I can do small text script cuts. I recommend it for mandalas, it will not disappoint. The only thing I did notice is the instructions heat recommendation did not work for me. I had to used the standard 350° f.

Craft Projects You Can Make - Mermaid T-shirt:

Mermaid T-shirt


2.Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl


This purple to royal blue chameleon HTV Vinyl Roll is made of high quality PU polyurethane. The unique material gives the impression of different colors when viewed at different angles and the SGS certified eco-friendly materials with super elasticity and softness are perfect for decorating children's clothing and accessories. Suitable for use with most popular cutter machines and cutting mats. PU HTV vinyl is thinner easy to deliver extra stretch and flexibility without compromising on the durability of the CHAMELEON IRON ON VINYL ROLL. 

Super easy to cut: Our CHAMELEON HEAT TRANSFER VINYL ROLL is thin but with an excellent cutting application feature. The black backing is easy to distinguish the cutting side, and you can follow the instructions and set up suitable parameter with cutters, and then easy to weed and complete the complex projects with NO EXTRA TIME. Quickly and easily apply the adhesive-backed HTV to fabric using a hot iron or heat press. Please note that our iron on vinyl is COLD peel.
3. Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl
Our METALLIC Heat Transfer Vinyl includes 8 vibrant gradient change colors to meet all your project needs. Unique material gives the impression of different colors when viewed at different angles.
Metallic HTV heat transfer vinyl roll is a good choice for Christmas, Halloween and Anniversaries gift to your family or lover. And the SGS certified eco-friendly materials with super elasticity and softness are perfect for decorating children's clothing and accessories.
 Craft Projects You Can Make - Lion T-shirt
Lion T-shirt
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