Different Types of Transfer Tapes

Different Types of Transfer Tapes

The market makes it possible to get different types of transfer tapes; this article aims to break down the different types of transfer tape. Basically, there are about four different types of transfer tape. Each comes in different sizes. Without further ado, let's get acquainted with these types of transfer tape.

1.Ultra Clear Transfer Tape: ultra-clear tapes are produced in 12-inch by 30ft roll. It takes its name from its appearance. Many like to use ultra-clear tape if the designs or decals are to be sold due to its nice finish and its ability to see-though the tape.

Ultra Clear Transfer Tape

2.Clear Transfer Tape: is typically produced in 6-inch or 12-inch roll. Also, it comes in a 12x24 sheet or 12x12 sheet. As compared to the ultra-clear transfer tape, clear transfer paper is a bit less clear but usable and clear. 

Clear Transfer Tape

3.Opaque Transfer Tape: is produced in a 12-inch x 6-inch roll. It has a grid texture and also comes in 12x24 or 12x12 sheet depending on your choice.

4.Paper Transfer Tape: as compared to others, it is not transparent or see-through. One of the most effective features is that it is easy to rip it off with ease. It is usually produced in 12-inch roll or 6-inch roll, you can also have it in 12x24 sheet and 12x12 sheet.

Paper Transfer Tape

Now that you know the different types of transfer tapes, it is about time you know the differences in how to put on a sheet or a roll. 

Transfer Tape Rolls

Transfer tape roll has no backing and, most times, sticky, just like a typical roll of tape. To get your desired amount, you can either use scissors or knife to trim off, then proceed to use the application tool to trim off the edges.

Transfer Tape Sheets

To get the desired quantity you want, you can always measure the total amount needed and to trim it off the remaining sheet and then take off the paper backing. After taking off the paperback, carefully place in on the project as you peel off the paperback, be careful to avoid trapping air bubbles. Then go ahead to trim out the edges.

One of the major differences between clear and paper transfer tape is that paper transfer tape is a far a bit more breathable. In the case of a web application, paper transfer tape is definitely the right option. Clear Transfer tape, on the other hand, is a great commercial option; it is mostly used for decal for reselling. Clear Transfer tapes are mostly thicker and work quite well.  

Transfer Tape Sheets

Generally, one of the perks of transfer tape is its re-usability. It can be used 2-3 times till it loses its stickiness, then it is high time you used a new one. Transfer tapes are indeed great for last-minute custom projects e.g., home assignment, work costume party or Halloween parties, with decals on clear transfer tape, your creativity is endless as you can pair different artworks bought at the store for your project. 

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