How to Apply Unicorn to Kids T-shirt

How to Apply Unicorn to Kids T-shirt

Hey, friends, I am so excited to share this adorable heat transfer vinyl tutorial with you today! Seriously, heat transfer vinyl is easy to use and can take a shirt, pillowcase, or tea towel from simple to fabulous in just a few minutes! This time I made a unicorn t-shirt. It’s so surprising for kids to receive such a gift!

The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a single large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead. The unicorn was depicted in ancient seals of the Indus Valley Civilization and was mentioned by the ancient Greeks in accounts of natural history by various writers. I love unicorns very much! So I made this unicorn t-shirt with htvront htv vinyl sheets ( htv vinyl rolls). Now let me introduce you one step by one step.

First, prepare these colors of best htv vinyl sheets: Lilac, pink, white, yellow, blue, light pink, brown, green.

Then, cut the image one by one with cricut machine ( What I use is air 2).

Next, I heat the blue sheet first. Put iron on a t-shirt for a while, like about 30 seconds. Then remove the tape.

Then the white sheet.

Next, the brown unicorn.


And the pink parts of toe, wings, tail.

Last but not least, the colorful stars!

Finally! Finish our unicorn t-shirt!!!!!

Do you like it? Try to make one for your baby!!!!! There is a big sale of vinyl roll on site now!!!! $2.99!!!!!Cheap htv vinyl roll!!!!! Snap up now!

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