How to Choose a Good Cutting Mat

How to Choose a Good Cutting Mat
How to Choose a Good Cutting Mat

“My cutting mat is not sticky!”
 “My cutting mat is too sticky!”
 If there is a contest, it must be one of the most common complain of cricut crafters. Cutting mats are needed in almost every projects with cutting machine. So every crafters want to get a good-quality cutting mat so that they don’t have to buy it almost twice a month. How to choose a good-quality cutting mat? To find out this answer, we should know what the feature of a good cutting mat is. Last week, Htvront held an activity to hear customers’ voice on Facebook and Instagram.

Charlena Jones

Stickiness, quality, price, and durabilty are all very important to me. I want the stickiness to be good enough to hold through a lot of uses, the quality of the material and glue are also important cause you never want to buy something that will only last through a couple use, which is why the price should reflect the quality of the mat, and the durability is important, because I do alot of cutting and crafting, and I want something that is going to last and last...

Kerry Harwood

Stickiness is a must the mat is useless if it looses its stick to quickly iv had it before when I had to use masking tape to stick vinyl down as the mat lost its stick also material is second important as it needs to withstand the washes to clean the mat and also the constant rolling in and out of the machines and being bended to peel of vinyl don't want it snapping

Debbie Mathis Baer

I assess new mat stickiness. Some brands are so sticky when purchased that I have to make them less tacky. If not, my vinyl will tear when I remove it once the image is cut. The new mat then works great ... but de-sticking the expensive, newly purchased mat somehow makes me feel I wasted my money & damaged my new mat prior to making my first cut on it!! So.... I am having to loose the new mat stickiness, the exact reason I just I paid for a new mat!! Lol!! 🥺 So, I want a sticky new mat, but don’t want it so sticky it destroys my vinyl the first time I use it!!

According to all these views and some further research, we draw a conclusion that stickiness, price and material all play an important role in becoming a good mat, especially stickiness. But actually, we do a lot of different kinds of crafts; For different kinds of crafts, we use different kinds of material; For different kinds of material, we need different kinds of cutting mats!
What’s the difference? Stickiness!
Choosing a good mat, of course, material of this mat is vital. Economic material is my first choice. Price is also very important. With the same quality, lower price, better choice! According to different project, stickiness should be different.
Htvront has published 3 new kinds of mats. Do you want to know the different functions? Then check our site now! Have a good time crafting everyone! 

How to Choose a Good Cutting Mat
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