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How to Choose Heat Transfer Vinyl to Use?

How to Choose Heat Transfer Vinyl to Use?

Knowing about HTV!

If you are a creative person and fond of making colorful fun projects, then heat transfer vinyl must have caught your attention!

HTV, known as Heat transfer vinyl, is a special type of vinyl mainly used for the decorative and accessorizing purpose. You can customize a simple and boring piece into a funky and glamorous one.

It is a transfer vinyl that can be cut according to the design of your choice, then weeded, and finally got pasted onto a piece of fabric or garment with the help of an iron or a heat press.

So get ready to get your hands dirty with Heat Transfer Vinyl!

Which Heat Transfer Vinyl is best for you?

When you start a project using HTV, the first thing that comes to our mind is that which heat transfer vinyl would be perfect for my project? Well, your question is rational! Don’t stress out, this is exactly the right place to wipe away all your queries and confusions!

htv on polyester

There are abundance of options available for choosing color, style or material for a simple vinyl, which might leave you overwhelmed. Here, you will get to know about each type of Heat Transfer Vinyl that are available in the market to solve your problem.

1. Standard heat transfer vinyl

This is just a regular most basic colorful heat transfer vinyl that is suitable for any cotton, polyester or leather fabric. It gives the finest, clean and semi-gloss finish at the end. Standard heat transfer vinyl comes in several colors while the adhesive carrier at the back of the vinyl sheet gives immense precision with the intricate designs.

2. HTV for performance wear

This type of HTV offers great room for elasticity which is perfect for athletes, sports personnel or literally anyone. HTV glitter vinyl is compatible with polyester, cotton or any blended fabric as well and gives a matte finish look.

3. Glitter heat transfer vinyl

This contains all the features of a basic HTV but with lots of sparkles and colorful glitter all over it. HTV glitter vinyl is suitable for any cotton, polyester or leather fabric.

htv on polyester

4. Holographic and shiny HTV

This offers a special texture or effect, like properties on the sheet, to give a realistic and defined touch to the designs. It is suitable for any cotton, polyester or poly/cotton fabric.

5. Metallic heat transfer vinyl

If you are fond of a mirror-like or metallic texture on the design to uplift the level of a boring shirt, then this is just perfect for you. It usually comes in either silver or gold color - while it is applicable for any cotton, poly/cotton, polyester or leather fabric.

6. Glow-in-the-Dark HTV

Ever felt lost or invisible among people? Then this will surely glow you up and bring you under the spotlight in utter darkness. You can apply it to any cotton, poly/cotton, polyester or leather fabric.

7. Flock heat transfer vinyl

Who doesn’t like a smooth silky velvety texture! If you are one of them, then go for it. It’s applicable for literally any type of fabric.

Just be sure to perform a cut test to ensure the desired results. Go play with Heat Transfer Vinyl and rock the world!

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