How to Clean Cricut Mat ?

How to Clean Cricut Mat ?

Cricut mats are sticky cutting mats that hold the material as it passes through the Cricut cutting machine. Generally, Cicut cutting mats should be used continuously for 40-50 times before they start to wear out. But cutting mat will not last forever. Over time, they will begin to wear out and lose their stickiness.

When your Cricut cutting mat gets dirty and loses its stickiness, you may start to wonder: should you clean the mat? Or just throw it in the trash can and buy a new one? How to clean your cricut mat? how to clean cricut mats? how to clean a cricut mat? how to make cricut mat sticky again?There are many ways to extend the life of the cutting mat, which means you don’t have to spend money to buy a new one now. By carefully reading this practical article full of useful tips, you will learn how to clean cricut mat quickly and easily, and even restick it. 

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How to Clean Cricut Mat

How often should you clean Cricut mat?

It is wise to clean the cutting mat regularly. Before introducing how to clean cricut mat, you need to konw how often should you clean Cricut mat. Actually, it depends on how often you use the cutting mat and the type of material. If you work with Cricut mats every day, you need to clean the mats more frequently than someone who does it once a week. Depending on the type of material used, most Cricut mats need to be cleaned after 2-4 cuts. If you use felt, denim, glitter vinyl, or leather that leave a lot of debris, you may need to clean the mat more frequently. Material cut with a blade will generate more dust or debris. After cutting the wood with a blade, you especially need to clean the mat. However, if you insist on using smooth materials such as vinyl and cardstock, you can reduce the number of cleanings and get out of trouble. And after 4-5 times of cleaning, it is best to restick it.

How to Clean Cricut Mat?

So how to clean a cricut mat? To clean the cricut mat first, you need to use a scraper tool or tweezers to remove large debris on the surface of the mat. Don't forget the edge of the mat. Even on the edge of the mat, the plastic scraper can do a good job. Avoid scratching the mat. Scratching will push material fragments deeper into the adhesive. Gently pull the edge of the scraper tool onto the surface of the cutting mat. The tool should remove excess small fragments, loose hair or fluff. If you don't have a Cricut scraper tool, you can use an old credit card or plastic gift card to remove debris from the cutting mat. Simply traverse the edge of the card across the surface of the mat to release the debris.

Next, you can use these tools to clean the cricut mat deeply.

1. Cleaning cricut mat with Plastic Brush

Keep the mat flat and support it on a firm surface, then place it in the sink.
Put some warm water on the mat. Use a hard-bristled plastic brush to scrub gently in circular motions until the entire surface of the mat is cleaned.
Pat dry with paper towels.
Allow the mat to dry completely to restore its stickiness.


2. Cleaning cricut mat with Awesome Spray

Before trying this method, please note that we have not tested it, but some of our customers have used it.

First, spray cleaning spray on the mat. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
After that, use a spatula to gently scrape the residue off the surface of the mat and start pushing the blanket off the mat. You don't have to press hard, moderate pressure will work, and many fibers and things will be dropped.
Then clean the cutting mat with cold or warm water.
Let it sit for an hour to air dry. Lie flat or hang vertically to dry. It can be used after drying. It is sticky and very new.

How to clean a Cricut mat?  It's easy, right?


How to make cricut mat sticky again?

How to Restick Cricut Mat?Clean the mat and make sure it is clean. Use a scraper tool to remove dust, debris or other remaining materials.
Then, clean the mat with baby wipes or soap and water.
After the mat is dry, tape off the edges to prepare the mat to apply new adhesive.
Use masking tape to protect the outer boundary.
Follow the instructions to apply the adhesive spray on the mat. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes.
After drying, remove the tape and then you can use the cutting mat.

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