How to Create Custom Vinyl T-Shirts?

How to Create Custom Vinyl T-Shirts?

Have you ever thought to create your own custom vinyl t-shirts? You may want to have a cool sports t-shirt or a holiday-themed t-shirt? If so, you will be very happy to learn how to create the custom Heat Transfer vinyl easily. Undoubtedly, Heat tansfer vinyl gives you a great opportunity to transfer your imagination on the surface, whether it’s a t-shirt or any other clothing stuff. Not only this, you can have a chance to live with your own design and creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s put our imagination on to the t-shirt via heat transfer vinyl (HTV).

Here, we are unwrapping some easiest steps to know how to create custom vinyl t-shirts. You need to follow the method step by step.

Firstly, go and buy the transfer kit from your nearby art store. This transfer kit already come with all essentials required to create the craft for a t-shirt.

Now, it’s time to choose the image that you want to print on the t-shirt. While doing this, try to choose an easy image.

Once done with the image selection, you are ready to edit the image. Yes, it is important to manipulate some features of the image, as per your choice. You can resize the image, change the color shade, add some effects if you want as well as add some detailing too.

Here comes the most important point to note! Don’t forget to mirror the image if you have numbers or images to craft on the t-shirts. In a case, if you forget to flip the image, the words or even letters will be transferred in a backward manner. Don’t ruin the design just because of this minute mistake.

Selecting the best or right transfer paper is another imperative step for the creation of an HTV t-shirt. Only, the choice of the correct transfer paper will give you the best result. You might be aware of the variations of transfer paper. If not, think over the choice of dark and light-colored fabric.

(For your guidance, here are some tips to consider. If you are using light fabric to craft the design. You need to use the transfer paper with yellow, grey and white color. Whether if using the dark fabric, always go for the dark-colored transfer paper)

After successfully selecting the paper, you are proceeding to the printing process. Cheers! This is so far the last process to print the design on the t-shirt. Don’t take the risk at this point, so try the testing print on any regular paper. It will help you to ensure the perfection of design. Once, when you are fully satisfied, go ahead with the print on the t-shirt. You may use a laser printer and special transfer paper for the perfect design.

Hope so that now, you get all the techniques on how to create the custom HTV T-Shirt by saving time and money as well. So, what are you waiting for now? Go and get a DIY t-shirt ready for you!

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