How to deal with htv scraps

How to deal with htv scraps
Do you have HTV scraps? Vinyl materials are not cheap. Patterns and glitter HTV typically cost even more. If you think it is shameful to throw away scrap vinyl, that's right! If you hate wasting materials (including scrap), there are some tips to ensure that you get the most benefit from your materials. No matter how small, every piece of scrap is waiting to release the true potential of everyday objects! 
How to deal with HTV scraps

How to Deal With HTV Scraps?

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with an idea, so that's why you should check this article to get started! Try these creative ways to use your craft vinyl scraps. We are sure that you will start to look forward to using scraps as much as your main project. I decied to make a cute T-shirt! First, prepare your files in the design space like regular craft project. The following steps will be a little different.

Step 1: Cutting Your HTV Scraps

Align all the strips side by side so that they are flush on the cutting mat. You can use this technique to create anything, as long as there is no vinyl overlap. Your work does not have to be all the same size! Once all the vinyl is stuck to the mat, press send!

Step 2: Weeding Your HTV Scraps

After the design has cut, you can start weeding! Before pulling the cut design from the mat, please take a picture of the order of your colors. This will make it easier to line up the design after weeding.

Step 3: Transfer Your HTV Scraps

After the design is weeded, you need to put the design back in place. Aligning it accurately can be the tricky part. If you are using an home iron, please preheat it first. When you are ready, you can start pressing. The time and temperature depend on the vinyl you use and your machine.

Make sure that the heat has been heated to the entire item, wait about 20 seconds to allow it to cool down, and then prepare to peel off the carrier board. After peeling off all the carrier sheets, you can put the teflon sheet back into the design and heat it again to make sure the vinyl sticks completely to the fabric, mainly for peace of mind.

How to deal with HTV scraps

Now you are done! A cute T-shirt made from scrap vinyl! If you are looking for more innovative ways to use scrap vinyl, check out the ideas below. Empty the scrap HTV and make your own personalized items!

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