How to Imprint Image on Blank T-shirt

How to Imprint Image on Blank T-shirt

How to imprint your favorite images on T-shirt? Though there are many patterns of T-shirts, the prints are colorful and different. If you want to make the one and only T-shirt for yourself, then how to do it yourself?

You can use template to DIY. Then follow below directions to have a start.

 1.Prepare Materials and tools.

A blank white T-shirt. You'd better to choose a T-shirt in pronounced color. 

A stencil is necessary, you can buy or make by yourself.

Paint or ink:  Acrylic fabric pigments, printing inks or dyes are great. You should choose pigments that do not fade after washing.

Adhesive Tape.

Paint Roller

2.Clean T-shirt. APure cotton T-shirts generally shrink after washing, so you need to wash and dry before use to make sure it will not be deformed. Ironed out all the creases in the shirt after drying, make sure there is no wrinkles, or it will affect coloring.

3.Prepare to print pattern. Spread a piece of paper on a flat surface and then flatten the T-shirt. Make sure that there are no wrinkles, then place the template in the position to be printed and tape it with adhesive tape.

4.Paint roller to color.Pour the pain into a tray, roll the roller back and forth to make sure the paint is evenly spread on your roller. You can apply the paint on a piece of paper to check whether the paint has been evenly spread on the paint roller. 

A cardboard can be placed in the T-shirt to prevent ink from penetrating into the other side. You can also wear an old clothes to avoid the dye splashing on your clothes.

5.Drawing at t-shirt.Roll the roller back and forth in the stencil firmly and evenly to color the pattern of the stencil. Make sure paint is spread the whole stencil.  

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