How to layer heat transfer vinyl

How to layer heat transfer vinyl
You can use Heat Transfer Vinyl for many different projects. 36 sheets multi-color vinyl can meet the needs of your various handmade works, you don't need to limit your imagination and creativity because of the lack of colors or materials. We will introduce the steps of layered transfer vinyl through DIY donut backpack, which will help you quickly master the skills of layered transfer.
How to layer heat transfer vinyl

Beginner's Tutorial: How to Layer Heat Transfer Vinyl

Layering Heat Transfer Vinyl On A Cotton Bag
Supplies: HTVRONT Heat Transfer Vinyl Multi Color 36 sheets
Cutting Mat
Cotton Bag (or similar)
Cricut Maker

I skipped the steps of cutting and weeding, let's start directly from the layer transfer!

How to line up layered htv? how to layer vinyl? Layer transfer should start with what should be your bottom layer of htv, for me it's the yellow outline of the Donuts. Use an iron or heat press to apply pressure for 20 seconds. Allow the design to cool then remove the carrier sheet.

Align the next layer over the first and press again for 20 seconds. Allow it to cool and remove the carrier sheet.
You can also do multiple layers at once as long as the carrier sheet doesn't go under one of the layers. You can see in the image above that I applied both the pink heart and the Irregular circle at the same time.

Continue pressing on each color until you have a finished design.

As a final step I like to turn my garment inside out and press from the inside for 20-30 seconds. This helps the vinyl adhere to the fabric but also smooths out any lines that were created from the carrier sheets. 

Now you can start layering HTV like a pro! How to line up layered htv? how to layer vinyl? It's very easy, right?

FAQs for layering heat transfer vinyl

  • Can I layer regular heat transfer vinyl?

    Yes! You totally can. regular htv can be layered up to four layers.

  • Can I layer glitter heat transfer vinyl?

    You can, but only on top of regular htv. Glitter cannot be layered over glitter.

  • What about other specialty vinyls? Can I layer those?

    All specialty heat transfer materials (holographic, metallic etc.) can only be layered on top of standard (regular) heat transfer vinyl. You can't layer flocked over glitter or metallic over holographic etc.
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