How to Make Halloween Costumes Easily

How to Make Halloween Costumes Easily

If Autumn comes, can Halloween be far behind? 

It’s a busy time for mothers to prepare Halloween costumes for families, as well as decorating house! Htvront published a Halloween vinyl bundle, which is already cut and weeded. Let’s have a try!!!

It has various patterns: all kinds of Halloween patterns. For example:




Besides these kinds of single pattern, it also provides small patterns on 1 sheet.

These sheets of various pattern can be cut into small pieces. Then you can put them together as you wish. But remember not to heat them simultaneously, in case you transfer the pattern to the tape. You’d better transfer them one pattern by one pattern. But how to transfer? Let’s check!

Actually it’s easy to operate! All you need is an iron.

(You need to press hard!) It’s different from normal vinyl so it requires more pressure.

Next is to remove the tape. Before removing it, be very cautious of the edge of the pattern.



What do you think of them? Isn’t it convenient and fabulous? Come to order it now! 55%off for orders over $100!!!!


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