How to Make Shirts with Cricut

How to Make Shirts with Cricut

Hello crafty friends! Put your hands down and one of the most interesting things to do with your Cricut is the T-shirt. So today I will show you how to use Cricut to make shirts. In fact, we are not "making shirts" ourselves. It's like we don't collect fabrics and sew shirts. But you can create your own custom design or use a ready-made design called an SVG file to make a custom graphic T-shirt with your Cricut. Let's get started.


How to Make Shirts with Cricut?

Step 1 - Getting Ready to Cut Your Shirt Design

After uploading the SVG in Design Space, you can change its size under size in the top menu. Just change the width to the size you want, and the height will automatically adjust. I use the lion SVG.

After setting the size, with this specific design, you can click the "Make" button. Everything is attached and ready to serve you.

For other designs, you may have to use the additional button at the bottom of the layer menu in order for the design seen in the design space to enter the cutting mat. On the next screen, you will see a preview of the cutting mat. The first biggest mistake when using HTV is that we forgot to click that little mirror button. Even if you click it to get the first mat, it won't change all of them. You must click on each mat and then click on mirror. Next, if you have Cricut Explore, turn the dial to Iron on, if you have a Cricut Make, select "Everyday Iron On" from the material list.

Step 2 - Cutting and Weeding HTV For Cricut Shirts

Now you need to put your HTV on the cutting mat. I used Htvront holographic htv, it's rainbow color so doesn't need to layer. The iron on vinyl is attached to its own carrier sheet, and the sheet is clear. In most cases, the vinyl instructions will say that the shiny side is facing down. The shiny side is of course the slide. The problem is that some colors are impossible to choose the "shiny side" because they look similar. Therefore, you can make weeding tool and poke a corner of the vinyl first. If the weeding tool cannot be pierced, it is the side of the carrier board. If you get to the vinyl side, you will be able to puncture and pull out a little vinyl.

Get the heat transfer vinyl in the right way on the cutting mat. Continue to load and cut every color needed for the shirt design. After cutting everything, we need to weed the vinyl. Weeding is to remove any vinyl fragments that are not part of the design. First, insert your weeding tool into a corner of the vinyl, and then peel it off the carrier board. HTV is not as sticky as adhesive vinyl. However, the carrier sheet is a bit sticky. After removing most of the extra vinyl, use the weeding tool to go back and get smaller pieces, such as the inside of the letters. Repeat the weeding process for each vinyl material you cut for the shirt, and then we can heat press the shirt.

Weeding HTV For Cricut Shirts
Weeding HTV For Cricut Shirts

Step 3 - Heat Press Your Shirt  

Set your heat press to the correct temperature and let it heat up. You need to pre-press the shirt to remove moisture and wrinkles. Use the T-shirt ruler guide to determine the center.

The vinyl you own should also tell you whether it is hot or cold. This means that you either peel the carrier sheet while it is still warm after pressing, or you must wait until it cools before peeling it. This vinyl is cold peeled, so wait 2-3 seconds before you can peel it off.

Cover the shirt with Teflon paper or parchment paper, and then cover it with a heat press. Make sure the hot press covers the entire design and press hard, do not move the press all the time.

For vinyl T-shirts, you need to turn them over, wash them and dry them at low temperatures.

Heat Press Your Shirt
Heat Press Your Shirt
Heat Press Your Shirt
Heat Press Your Shirt

What do you need to make a shirt with your Cricut?

  • Teflon Sheet 
  • Weeding tool
  • T-shirt Ruler Guide
  • Heat Press
  • Cricut cutting mat
  • Heat transfer vinyl (HTV)
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    Katie K.

    Thanks for the info. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the tiger svg? I have a 5 year old daughter who is obsessed with tigers and would love this on a shirt with the rainbow glitter.

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