How to Make Soy Candles?

How to Make Soy Candles?

Handicrafts are getting much more popular since people nowadays begin to have a crush on doing meaningful and healthy hobbies. And today, we’re going to talk about making scented Soy Candles at home! This will not only meet your crafting needs but also bring you a soothing and exclusive private environment.

In this soy candles-making tutorial, you can figure out what soy candles are, whether or not soy candles are safe, how to make soy candles at home, what the best soy candle-making kit is, and several common questions about soy candles. Step-by-step instruction for you to create your miracle!

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Are soy candles safe?

Are Soy Candles safer than Paraffin Candles? We can easily see from the name “Soy Candle” that the candle is mainly from soy wax, which is a kind of vegan candle wax. But are soy candles really safer to use when burning?

Usually, we see many bloggers compare it with paraffin wax whose material is based on petroleum. However, since the latter needs a higher temp to burn than soy wax, to this extent, our soy wax is much safer to use and can help avoid mishaps. Meanwhile, it can last near 50% longer than paraffin wax.

Besides, the common sense is that petroleum and its byproducts emit tons of carbon dioxide and carcinogens during burning, while soy wax emits very little soot for better environmental and health protection. Therefore, compared with this clean-burning and renewable soy wax, paraffin wax is not environmentally friendly and cannot work for reproducible utilization.

Now it’s clear that soy candles are much safer to work as a dreamy companion when you work under pressure or want to sleep at extreme ease.  


Are soy candles safe?

How to make Soy Candles?

After learning about soy candles, we can feel assured and excited to create our own miracles here! Prepare the tools that we need:

(1) Soy wax flakes or pellets.

(2) Fragrance oil./ Wax dye( if needed).

(3) A high-temp-resistant measuring cup.

(4) A saucepan or microwave.

(5) A fork.

(6) A cotton/ wood wick.

(7) A wick holder.

(8) A container.

(9) Embellishments.

How to make Soy Candles?

Let’s get started!

Firstly, measure how many wax flakes are needed and heat it with the measuring cup. You can use a microwave at one-minute intervals or place the cup in a saucepan with a third of the water and stir the wax now and then until the flakes melt.

Then, put some wax dye if you like and stir it with the fork until there’s no color speck left. Drop an amount of fragrance oil into the melted wax and stir again for about 2 minutes for good incorporation. 

Now, you can prepare your wick and container for the final work. Stick the wick at the bottom of the container, and put a wick holder on top to fix the wick. This way, the wick will not get bent easily.

Last but not least, pour your melted wax into the container. If you prefer some personalized decoration, you can leave some rooms at the first pouring and wait until it cures. Then put some embellishments on the top of the first cured wax, and give it a final pour with the rest of the melted wax and set. And remember to trim your excess wick, which also helps reduce the soot emissions.

Once the wax has cured for 2-3 weeks (which is the best curing time), you can enjoy your fantastic crafts! 


Best Soy Candle Making Kit

Now you know that it’s easy to make candles. There must be another question that popped out in your mind: where can I get the best soy candle-making kit? We know that many brands online sell soy candle kits with different quality, compliments, and tools. 

According to my experience, you must choose from those professional shops focusing on the handicraft industry. Personally, I prefer to buy it from HTVRONT’s store since I’ve already got a lot of crafting materials here over and over again. Such as HTV and tie-dye kit for my shirts, adhesive vinyl and printable sticker paper for my cards and cups decorations, and epoxy resin for my self-drawing phone cases!

So if you’re interested in making your own things, pick a handicraft-specialized brand and stick to it!


FAQ about Soy Candles:


1. How long is recommended for burning soy candles?

Normally, it’s recommended to burn your candles for up to 4 hours.


2. How long should the wick be?

The length of the wick depends on how tall your container is. Just choose a suitable length of around 3cm higher than the container so that you can trim the wick to get the proper one.


3. Can I use essential oils instead?

Please use professional soy wax to make your candles. Essential oils cannot work and will cost you lots of waste and may some accidents.


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