Master the Art of Vinyl Shirt Making

Master the Art of Vinyl Shirt Making

How to make vinyl shirts

Summer is the best time for family to have a vocation together. No matter you go to the beach or climb the mountain or just go shopping, it must be very charming if you wear parent-child outfits. But sometimes parent-child outfits are too dull or too plain. How can we get an adorable outfits? 

I used heat transfer vinyl to make some parent-child outfits shirt for my baby children, You can get the free cut file below. I decided it would be fun to have parent-child outfits with my family.

How to Make Vinyl Shirts?

Supplies needed to make your own DIY summer shirts:

Get ready to cut your files 

Tip in designing your own: keep it simple and use chunky font. I feel like that type of font is perfect for summer. Make sure they are flipped mirror image .Cut out your files on heat transfer. 

Weeding your design

Rip off the excess iron on vinyl bundle, leaving your design on the carrier sheet. this step will cost lots time, please patiently and enjoy it!

How to make vinyl shirts - weeding your design


Apply the design to your T-shirt with heat press at 305-320 for 10-15 seconds, if you use a home iron, press it with firm pressure.

How to make vinyl shirts - transfer

After Transfer

Peel the carrier sheet cold. If areas of design lift after application, do step 4 again.

How to make vinyl shirts - peel


Now finish them one by one! All you need to do now is have your family tried them out and take a walk first together. I used regular htv vinyl rolls, but you can also use glitter htv instead.

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