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How to Use Glitter Iron on Vinyl with Cricut

How to Use Glitter Iron on Vinyl with Cricut

Iron-on is not so difficult, once you master the skills, your Cricut will bring you more benefits. Cutting glitter iron on vinyl to make new pillowcases, wine glasses, window accessories, curtains... This list is actually endless. If you have never used Iron-on before, then you will find this Cricut Glitter Iron-on tutorial helpful. How to use cricut iron on? This is easier than you think!

Today I will use glitter vinyl to make a T-shirt, follow me and let us see how to use glitter iron on vinyl with cricut.


how to use cricut iron on

STEP 1: Load and Cut

Here are so many free SVG files you can download to get started. Check out our free SVG file for vinyl. Download the file and upload it to Design Space. Select the image and resize it. Remember to mirror the image. If you don't, they will appear in the opposite direction when they are transferred to your fabric. When you select the "Mirror" option, you should be able to see the word flipped.

Now you should have prepared the cutting mat, select the type of ironing material to be used. Place the ironing material on the cutting mat with the liner face down (put the shiny side down on the mat), and then follow the instructions on the screen to load the cutting mat into the machine. Now you can click Continue and let Cricut do the cutting.

how to use cricut iron on: Load and Cut


After cutting the design, it's time to weed. Weeding refers to removing excess vinyl from the cutting mat so that only the final design is retained. Basically, you want to strip off all the extra small pieces in the final design. You should be able to do this easily by stripping off the excess vinyl.

When you are done, you should only keep the final design on the mat. Check to make sure you are not overlapping any backing, because the design will not stick to your material as you planned.

how to use cricut iron on: WEEDING

STEP THREE: Transfer

Prepare Mini Heat Press. Find the heat guide of surfaces and materials. For me, Heat Press setting is Low temperature: 284°F (140°C). Yours may be different. Apply heat to the design. If your design does not stick immediately, you can double the heat time.

how to use cricut iron on: transfer the vinyl

Now that your shirt is complete, it's time to share your project with the rest of us. Awesome!

how to use cricut iron on: t-shirt glitter vinyl project

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