How to use holographic vinyl

How to use holographic vinyl
Multicolor - Shimmering holographic vinyl permanent makes eye-catching creations and accents. Holographic vinyl are made of premium quality material with a strong adhesive backing that is tough enough to withstand indoor or outdoor use. You can bring this holographic permanent vinyl wherever your creative imagination takes you! permanent vinyl holographic is flexible enough to adapt to curved items and can be applied to a variety of surfaces including glass, plastic, metal, ceramic and wood. Release your creativity and decorate your notebook, laptop, phone case, cup, car, mirror, window and much more with these brilliant holographic permanent vinyl.
How to use holographic vinyl

How to use holographic vinyl?

1. Measure the vinyl size you need, then set the cutting machine parameters and cut. Since this is vinyl and not iron-on, we do not need to mirror it. Click “Continue”, go to all materials and select holographic vinyl and choose the premium holographic vinyl.

2. After cutting, Take your weeding tool as you normally would and start weeding.

3. Now, we’ll turn the mat over and pull this up from the back. Once it’s pulled up, turn it over and burnish some more from the back. Next, you’re going to take your backing and peel it up. Before you stick it onto your tumbler, you need to get a little bit of the rubbing alcohol and your paper towel to wipe down your tumbler. This will remove any dust, dirt or oil that your fingers add to this and it will help your vinyl adhere really well. Decide exactly where you want to place your design onto your surface. Then, take your holographic vinyl and lay down your design.

4. It’s really easy to take your fingers and burnish it in place exactly as you would like it. Once you have it burnished, grab the corner of your transfer tape and pull back carefully. You want to pull it straight back – don’t pull back as this may cause your vinyl to lift away from your surface.

Now you have an awesome cup made with holographic vinyl!

How to use holographic vinyl

What does holographic Vinyl Stick to?

Using a mug with heat transfer vinyl requires the use of a special heat press, so adhesive vinyl is a good way to design a mug and just press the sticker into place. When using them on cups and mugs, please test first to ensure that the vinyl stays in place after washing the cups.

Adhesive vinyl can decorate glass and mirrors because they will adhere firmly to a clean surface.

Water bottle
Adhesive vinyl is a great way to decorate your family's kettle or bento box.

Metal surfaces can also be used for adhesive vinyl. You can use permanent or removable, depending on what you want to do with the project. Such as storage jars.

There are many types of plastics, so it is sometimes difficult to tell which vinyl to use. Just like glass and metal, it may depend on how they are used. Like trash cans can be found using permanent or removable. If you have an interesting flower pot to go out, permanence is what you want.

You also can put stickers on vases, pots, mirrors, windows and even wall tiles to give your home a new look.

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