Is Cricut Glitter Vinyl Waterproof

Is Cricut Glitter Vinyl Waterproof
Cricut glitter vinyl is adhesive vinyl with a permanent adhesive, it can be used to create easily removable glitter decals, labels, window decorations, media covers, etc. for charming DIY projects. It is very suitable for using on glasses, water bottles, mugs, and even wood. Cricut Glitter Vinyl is compatible with all Cricut cutting machines. Many crafters love glitter vinyl because it has so many sparkling colors, from bold highlights to sparkling metallic colors, you will find the perfect color to affect any project. Cricut Glitter Vinyl has 5 colors, they are black, gold, cafe, silver, teal.
Is Cricut Glitter Vinyl Waterproof

Htvront glitter vinyl comes in 7 different colors, they are gold, black, silver, green, red, rose red and royal blue. Our glitter vinyl is heat transfer vinyl, which can be applied to fabrics, such as your T-shirts, shoes and bags. We ship a variety of sizes, 10"*5, 10"*10, 10"*30 ft rolls, 12'’*10" inch sheets, and glitter htv vinyl bundles, which means you can enjoy a lower price. All are compatible with Cricut, Silhouette and other cutting machines. You can buy glitter vinyl at a better price without worrying about the quality problem at HTVRONT. You can even use glitter vinyl to make layered handmade crafts.

Is Cricut Glitter Vinyl Waterproof

Since Cricut Glitter Vinyl is not the type they label as "Outdoor" and it's removable vinyl not permanent, it's better not to wash it frequently to prevent it from peeling off.

If you still want to try it on the surface, which you will heavy use and heavy handwash, such as on your tumbler, then you should make sure that the surface is completely clean. Wipe it with alcohol and then let it dry and you can use a hair dryer to heat the vinyl to ensure it It really sticks there splendidly. Leave it for a day or so before you wash, and then don't ever let it soak.

Application Tips for Glitter Vinyl

The sparkling texture of glitter vinyl bring a wonderful and unique effect to your project. But using it can be really frustrating and tricky. Here are some ways to try to achieve excellent results.

1. Glitter vinyl is a bit harder than standard vinyl, so you may need to be extra careful to make sure the vinyl is firmly fixed to the mat before you start cutting. Using a sticky cutting mat will help you.

2. Check your dial settings. Due to the sparkly and rough texture of glitter vinyl, it requires more blade pressure compared to regular vinyl. Therefore, do not use the "Vinyl" setting on the "Explore" dial. Instead, set the dial to "Custom". Under the "Custom Vinyl" option on the Cricut Design Space Cutting Screen, select "Glitter Vinyl".

3. Check your blade. Glitter and other rough textures can easily dull the blade. With clean blades and proper dial settings, even in complex small designs, the same precise cutting results as other media should be obtained.

4. Can You Layer Glitter Vinyl? Even if the glitter vinyl does have a rough, shiny texture, it can still be easily layered for multi-color projects. But don't layer more than 4-5 colors, because it will become very thick.

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