Mother's Day Crafts with Cricut

mother's day cricut ideas

Mother's Day is coming soon! Are you looking for creative and unique gifts for your mom? There are so many craft ideas for Mother's Day gift, have you tried make a shirt for your mom by yourself? That's absolutely a good idea and there is no other gift that can make your mother more moved. Everyone can use another T-shirt. I don't know anyone who doesn't like T-shirts. They are so comfortable and cozy. And your Cricut machine makes it very easy! Let's try to make Mother's Day craft project - a DIY T-shirt for mom! Follow me step by step, it's definitely easier than you imagine.

First of all, what does your mother look like? Or is there something special between you two? This determines the pattern on the T-shirt. Of course, you also can add on it what you want to say to your mother. For me, I choose a cute female avatar instead. Let's get started.

Materials You Need

Step 1: Design

Use Cricut Design Space or Silhouette studio to design your mom shirt. There are so many free SVG files to download on google. You can also design by yourself. Insert the design into your Cricut Design Space canvas or Silhouette studio, size it and then hit Make It. Don't forget to turning on the mirror image. 

design the Mother's tshirt

Step 2: Cut

Place your HTV vinyl on your cutting mat, load it into your cutting machine and begin cutting.

cut the Mother's tshirt vinyl

Step 3: Weed

After the cuts are finished, remove the excess vinyl. Use your weeding tool to pull up the vinyl that you need to discard. 

weed the Mother's tshirt vinyl

Step 4: Transfer

I’m using the Htvront mini heat press to press the vinyl on my shirts. Lay your shirt on a hard place such as a table. To start we need to preheat our shirt, which helps get out wrinkles and moisture in the shirt. 

Make sure your heat press is set at the recommended temp. Mine is Low temperature: 284℉(140℃).

transfer the Mother's tshirt vinyl-1

Use t-shirt ruler to find the center of your t-shirt

transfer the Mother's tshirt vinyl-2

First Layer of HTV

transfer the Mother's tshirt vinyl-3

Slowly peel off the carrier sheet after it’s cooled for a few seconds.

transfer the Mother's tshirt vinyl-4

Second Layer of HTV

transfer the Mother's tshirt vinyl-5

Third Layer of HTV

transfer the Mother's tshirt vinyl-6


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