Transfer Tape Guides For Adhesive Vinyl

Transfer Tape Guides For Adhesive Vinyl

We have talked about adhesive vinyl, and the use of it. When we talked about it, you must have noticed that we use while we applying adhesive vinyl.

As a DIY crafter that uses adhesive vinyl, we all are aware of that getting adhesive vinyl projects from the cutting mat to the wall, tumbler, car, or wherever they are is frustrating without one thing. Nothing ruins a great design faster than picking at the edges to transfer it or placing lettering with incorrect spacing. All this can be avoided with one extra step – transfer tape for adhesive vinyl.

What is transfer tape and why do you need it while using adhesive vinyl?

Transfer tape typically comes in rolls of various sizes and is categorized into two types: paper and plastic.

The paper transfer tape is soft, porous, and has a water-skid effect, allowing better repositioning of the design before final bonding. This is an entry-level tape suitable for most projects, but unlike plastic transfer tapes, it is not overly transparent. The lack of transparency of the paper transfer tape is its main disadvantage, because the product is designed to move and place precisely. When you cannot see the design through the transfer tape, it is difficult to get the perfect final result.

Plastic transfer tape, on the other hand, easily solves this issue. It is transparent so that you can see what you did there. So it’s an easier choice for transferring adhesive vinyl especially with our transfer tape which has alignments on it. It has been a super easy job for crafters to cut it straight. One thing to watch out for with clear tape, however, is static. Unlike paper transfer tape, plastic tapes can attract dust, lint and pet hair. Dust or wipe down your work surface before using plastic transfer tape so you don’t wind up with hair or debris in your final design.

Why do we need it then? Just imagine, some designs are very fancy. Delicate leaves on trees, swirling fonts, abstract designs or non-jointed lettering/elements – how does one get a design like that from the cutter to its final destination without any damage? This is why transfer tape for adhesive vinyl is so important. By simply placing the tape over the design, you can transport it in its entirety, line it up, and place it in one go. Thanks to transfer tape for adhesive vinyl, you never have to move each individual letter, accidentally tear through the thinnest part of your design when trying to pick it up, or spend hours fussing with a level and ruler to space lettering properly across a door. Simply use transfer tape to pick up and move the entire design.

Then we come to another question: how to use it?

Actually we have mentioned a little when we talked about adhesive vinyl before.

Let’s have a further and more detailed instruction:

  1. Create your design using high-quality adhesive vinyl.
  2. Cut out your design.
  3. Loosen a certain length of transfer tapeto see how much is needed to cover your design. Leave some space around the edges so that you can easily move and peel off the tape. ( If your design is larger, please cut the transfer belt of equal length so that it can be moved in two or more batches.
  4. Remove the protective layer, and then gently but firmly press the transfer tape(adhesive side down) on the design.
  5. Gently use a rubber spatula to remove air bubbles to make the tape smooth over the( As you peel your transfer tape off the cutting mat, your vinyl design will be adhered to it.)
  6. Move the tape with the design to the desired location. Press firmly and use a squeegee to remove air bubbles.
  7. Gently tear off the transfer tape. Your design has now reached its final destination.

There are a few tips for applying transfer tape to ensure great application:

Avoid removing all transfer tape: If you are not sure exactly where to place the decal, you should wait for all the backing paper transfer tapes to fall off. First, peel off only one corner and strike it to the part of the base you want. After evaluating the rest of the design at this location and determining that it is acceptable, you can remove the remaining tape and decals with confidence.

Cut transfer tape larger than the vinyl: To help you peel off the transfer tape easily, you should cut the tape into pieces that are slightly larger than the vinyl to be installed. The larger piece of tape will help you easily pull it off of the graphic when it comes time to remove it.

Transfer tape for adhesive vinyl is the middle step between creating and placing your design. It is helpful and necessary. Let’s make more crafts!!!!

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