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Vinyl Transfer Paper VS Heat Transfer Vinyl

Vinyl Transfer Paper VS Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you can’t get off the artistic decal, you have seen at the nearest supermarket and all you are thinking to get your hands engaged in the indulging process of sticking and printing. Then we have brought a wider perspective regarding the use of vinyl transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl sheets.

Basically, the ideal between both of these categories is what suits and bring stars to your desired design. Still, we have tried to compare the characteristics, applications and essential tips which can help you compare and evaluate that among both of these, which can satisfy your needs.


Starting with heat transfer vinyl (HTV) sheets. These HTV sheets are composed of eco-friendly bio-degradable material with the ease of smooth and quick application. It holds priority if you desire the design to customize your garment or other house-hold fabric for decorative purposes. The drill of easy weeding, sensitivity regarding the handling of different pressure and temperature ranges as well as easy peeling off procedures make it stand out among other sorts of pasting material, especially if you have just put your feet in the shoes of an artist.



Heat transfer vinyl sheets or HTV give one a complete range of multi colors including white, deep gold, red, green, lilac purple, dark yellow and so many others to satisfy customer’s requirements. The manageable size of 12” x 10” of HTV sheets is not only suitable for cotton printing but also produces vivid results on polyester and other cotton blend cloths.


On the other side, the use of vinyl transfer paper can easily convert your boring designs by giving them colorful yet decent appearances. Some clear transfer paper with blue or red grid lines providing perfect alignment, custom cuts and the additive advantage of seeing through the decals halfway as well as assisting in avoiding the wrong placement of design are the topmost advantages of clear transfer tape. The clear grid appearance allows one to paste the design appropriately with the help of a transparent nature.


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