What is the best glitter vinyl?

What is the best glitter vinyl?

What is giltter vinyl?

Just like the name implies, this is a glittery HTV that has a thicker texture with sparkles that will not rub off on your hands or the surface that it is applied to. If you are not particularly fond of craft projects that involve glitter (because of the mess), don’t give up on glitter yet! I love glitter HTV because you get all the shine and sparkle without being covered in it for days! Believe me , try the glitter vinyl then you will be fall in love with it!

What is the best glitter vinyl?

What is the best glitter vinyl?

The best glitter vinyl needs to have the following characteristics:

1. Transfers Easily & Great Stickiness

2. HTVRINT glitter vinyl is PU material, which is extremely sensitive to heat and pressure makes transfer quickly. It likes a part of your garment after iron.

3. *NOTE:Please always ensure that the transparent protective film is under the teflon sheet when ironing to prevent adhesion and damage materials

4. Fine Glitter & No Residue & Smooth

5. Who doesn't want to have premium but not tacky flash effects?Smooth finish, keep your htv projects to maintain a longer lifespan. Reject residues and rough surfaces, protect your skin from friction! Not a coarse glitter htv, which also means easier layering.

6. The heat transfer vinyl glitter specially created for you by HTVRONT locks the fine glitter ions.

7. Excellent Stretch & Durability

8. Not too thick to make a weird thick portion on a shirt, not too thin to do any warping.PU glitter htv vinyl is more soft, thinner, stretchier and smoother which can better integrate with fabrics, adheres perfectly after repeated washing cycles, no fade, no peel & no crack.

9. HTVRONT glitter vinyl materials are SGS certified and are safe to baby wear.

How to use glitter vinyl?

Following the inside instruction, you’ll find that using glitter HTV vinyl to create your own design is easy as A, B, C!

How to use glitter vinyl?

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