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Choosing the Right Printer for Printable Vinyl

Choosing the Right Printer for Printable Vinyl
HTVRONT Printable Vinyl Matte Sticker Paper

Printable vinyl is very safe and non-toxic, and can be printed perfectly by a printer, allowing you to design and print as a fully customizable label. If you have never tried to use printable vinyl to make custom stickers, we strongly recommend that you give it a try. For a full range of printable vinyl options, please visit our printable vinyl collection, we provide you with all possible printable vinyl arrangements. Printing and using printable vinyl is a fairly simple process. This is very similar to printing on plain paper, except that the thickness and surface treatment of the material may require you to adjust the printer settings to get the best results. After printing, all you need to do is cut out the new sticker with cutting machine or scissors and apply it on the surface of your choice!

What Printer to Use for Printable Vinyl?

Printable vinyl sticker paper sheets are usually 8.5" x 11" and is printed by inkjet or laser printer, then cut out and applied on a hard, smooth surface. They are very similar to the stickers you buy in the store.

1.Inkjet Printers

When choosing a printable vinyl, you must read the packaging carefully to make sure your printer has the correct printable vinyl type. The inkjet printable vinyl glue naturally absorbs the inkjet ink due to the special coating on the vinyl glue, resulting in water resistance. The acceptable ink types for inkjet printer vinyl and printers vary greatly. HP, Epsom, Canon, and Brother are the most commonly accepted printer brands for inkjet printing vinyl. As long as the ink is colored or dye-based (non-ecological solvent), the printer can perfectly accept printable vinyl.

2.Laser Printer

The laser printer heats and rolls the toner onto the surface of the printing material. In many cases, inkjet printable vinyl is not suitable for this application unless otherwise stated on the packaging. There are some options that allow you to use inkjet printers or laser printers on materials on the market, the most common of which is a matte white printable vinyl. Don't worry, all HTVRONT printable vinyl are compatible with inkjet printer and laser printer.

What Can Printable Vinyl Be Used for?

Printable vinyl can be used for any smooth surfaces such as glass, notebook covers and even paper.

  • Laptop
  • Tumbler and cup
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Wall
  • Bumper sticker
  • Phone case
  • And any other smooth and hard surfaces!

Printable Vinyl Applications

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