A Day with HTVRONT  

The First Brand Video of HTVRONT

The First Brand Video of HTVRONT:

                                                                                                                              A Day with HTVRONT 

Meet our member Amelia and her four-year-old daughter Emma. Amelia is a self-employed crafter, and Emma does not start kindergarten. Let’s see what HTVRONT will bring to them in an ordinary day.

A lovely day starts with a nutritious breakfast. In turn, the heart-shaped egg mold inspires Amelia to make a design for the t-shirt. After breakfast, Amelia and Emma walk in the courtyard, and explore the characteristics of nature. Their craft project is inspired by what they see and what they use.

When the night comes, they have fun playing with fireworks. After that, it is good time to craft. Amelia uses HTVRONT vinyl to teach Emma basic words, and then they create t-shirts, bottles, decors, and night lights together. 

Crafting time flies. Amelia tells fairy tales to Emma, and they read stories with a home-made night light. Every day seems so long and meaningless. But when it is full of inspiration, imagination and love, your ordinary days will certainly become extraordinary days. And it is HTVRONT’s mission to make your imagination come true.

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Our brand story 

Really Outstanding, Never Temporary. Pieces that inspire and intrigue. A keen eye for trend. A pursuit for high quality. That is what you'll discover at HTVRONT. We're committed to innovating with machines, materials, and tools in handicraft. And our mission is to help bring people’s imagination to life. Make fun and happiness with HTVRONT.

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What does HTVRONT stand for?

HTVRONT is divided into HTV, R, O, N, T. HTV is short for heat transfer vinyl; R stands for real, O for outstanding, N for never, while T for temporary.

HTV, Really outstanding, Never temporary.


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