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Cricut Joy Vs Explore Air 2: Choosing Guide

Cricut Joy Vs Explore Air 2: Choosing Guide

Welcome to another informative tutorial to discuss the Cricut Joy vs Explore Air 2 debate. We will help you dig deep into the similarities and differences between these two popular Cricut machines and find the best option for your handcrafting DIY projects. Remember, this article aims to help you find a machine that will perfectly fit your project because both have some versatile features that will come in handy. Let's jump in!

Part 1: Cricut Joy Vs Explore Air 2: Key Differences

Part 2: Cricut Joy Vs Explore Air 2: How Do We Choose?

Explore Air 2 might be the obvious choice in this comparison if you're familiar with using Cricut machines. But if you're just starting out, the Cricut Joy vs Cricut Explore Air 2 comparison is an interesting one. So, how do you choose a suitable cutting machine between these two?


1. Find Out What You Need to Do for DIY Projects

One thing is certain: Cricut Joy is the ideal cutting machine for beginners. You don't need a manual book or a whole craft room to use this machine because it has smaller accessories and straightforward controls. So, if you want to make those small, simple projects at home, Cricut Joy should be your go-to machine.

On the other hand, Cricut Explore Air 2 is a full-sized machine that gives you more control over the settings and your DIY sessions. Its bigger size and more control settings make it ideal if you plan to do many projects. Overall, Cricut Joy is limited in some ways, but it's still a great addition to your Cricut machine collection.


2. Consider Your Budget

Let's not pretend we don't look at the price tag when shopping. It's essential to consider your budget limits when shopping for a Cricut machine. Depending on the store, a Cricut Joy machine would cost around $100 to $150. Conversely, Explore Air 2 would cost $200 or more. So, is it wise to overspend on Explore Air 2 and have a limited balance for project materials? Probably not!

Cricut Joy Vs Explore Air 2


Part 3: Summary: Which Cricut is best for me?

Are you still undecided about which Cricut machine is best for your project? Here is our opinion! Cricut Joy should definitely top your list if you're looking for something simple and effortless to use. However, those who have used Cricut Maker might argue that the Explore Air 3 also falls into the "beginner-friendly" bracket. Also, Cricut Joy is a pocket-friendly option, making it perfect if you want to sharpen your DIY skills and upgrade later.

But we know purchasing two Cricut machines can be more expensive than buying one. You can get the Explore Air 2 with a hundred bucks extra. This cutting machine can do more DIY crafts and return your investment. But there is nothing wrong with starting the Cricut Joy before upgrading. Choosing the perfect Cricut machine depends on your project needs and budget.

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