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DIY Wood Board with HTV Vinyl

Many people use such wood boards drawing, make beautiful ornaments, and decorate the bedroom. It's a simple project, you can use htv vinyl instead of paint. After cut and weed , iron on it on wood board.

There are many colors of htv vinyl to meet your creative needs.
For this project, I used glitter htv vinyl and emerald green htv vinyl.
Press time:8S


You can use different types of craft ideas on the wood. You can use it as a drawing board, if you want to make an abstract painting, you don't need cricut, use scissors to cut out the shape you want, and iron on it.You can make a bone for your pet dog.
If you make it for child.The popular among them could be the child's famous cartoon characters.

Our htv vinyl works well on wooden boards and is easy to iron.
You can make a more beautiful wood board, and this is not like paint will stain your clothes.

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