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What’s Printable Heat Transfer Paper and How to Use Them?

What’s Printable Heat Transfer Paper and How to Use Them?

Customized products have grown very popular. Everybody enjoys owning personalized things with their names or making things reflect their unique personalities. Using printable heat transfer paper, an inkjet printer at home, and a hand iron, you can design unique fabric items like t-shirts. 

Heat transfer paper does something pretty cool: it moves a design from your inkjet printer onto fabric. So, if you have an excellent picture on your computer, you can print it using your regular printer for all sorts of crafty creations!

In this article, we've written a guide explaining how to use printable heat transfer vinyl paper for your upcoming project.


Part 1: What is the difference between printable heat transfer paper and regular paper?

Part 2: Best printable heat transfer paper recommendation

Part 3: How to use printable transfer paper?


Part 1: What is the difference between printable heat transfer paper and regular paper?

Printable HTV is ideal for crafting personalized patterns or vibrant logos. It is of higher quality and durability than printable heat transfer paper, often lasting the garment's lifespan with proper application. Unlike regular Transfer Paper, the rare occurrence of fading or cracking is a notable advantage with Printable HTV.

Printable heat transfer vinyl paper also offers specialized variations for specific purposes, enhancing its appeal over regular heat transfer paper. For instance, when working with garments rich in polyester content, opting for printable HTV designed for low-temperature and quick application proves advantageous.

The difference between printable transfer paper and the traditional counterpart becomes evident in its suitability and longevity. While heat transfer paper serves its purpose, Printable HTV shines with its ability to endure wear and time while maintaining design vibrancy. For intricate designs and enduring results in custom clothing projects, Printable HTV stands as an excellent choice, offering resilience, vividness, and adaptability to diverse fabric compositions.


Part 2: Best printable heat transfer paper recommendation

Get the best printable transfer paper from this list of recommendable transfer papers.


 1. HTVRONT heat transfer paper

HTVRONT printable heat transfer paper

HTVRONT offers a standout solution with printable heat transfer paper for inkjet printers. Enjoy unmatched vibrancy and softness, backed by impressive durability for up to 30 washes. Perfect for dark cotton and nylon, it ensures enduring and vivid results. 

With exceptional transfer efficiency, this iron-on transfer paper guarantees bright and crisp results for every project. The paper is thicker and sturdier than other brands, ensuring easy printing without worrying about jamming or mistakes.

Cutting, peeling, and transferring designs has never been easier with this beginner-friendly heat transfer paper. Simply print, cut, peel, and press to achieve fabulous designs in minutes. The paper is compatible with Cricut and Silhouette machines, allowing you to explore more complex designs, including letters.

Not only is this printable heat transfer paper easy to use, but it is also durable. Plus, it is safe for children's garments as it is SGS certified.



  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use for beginners, with a simple process of print-cut-peel-press
  • Exceptional transfer efficiency.
  • No paper jams
  • Safe for decorating children's garments
  • Simple application, no mirror printing
  • Wide compatibility with Cricut and Silhouette machines


 2. NuFun Transfer Ppaer



For over 25 years, NuFun's special technology has been for pros and beginners to make custom designs for all sorts of things, like family parties, business stuff, and gifts. This heat transfer paper is simple for a craft pro or starting out. All you do is print, cut, iron, and enjoy! You can use it on cotton, polyester, and mixes to make your designs on clothes, bags, hats, and even home stuff.

It's for inkjet printers like HP, Canon, and more. Just cut with regular scissors – the special paper only transfers your design's colors, so the rest is clear. You can also use craft cutters. Iron it at home or with a heat press for pro results.

Your designs will stay bright and great-looking even after washing. Unlike other papers, ours is soft and comfy, not stiff. Made in the USA with safe materials in an eco-friendly way, it is a woman-owned business.


  • Dependable transfer quality
  • Simple usage
  • Compatible versatility
  • Accommodates large designs
  • Extensive applications


3. TransOurDream


TransOurDream printable transfer paper shines in its seamless fabric bond, showcasing impressive color retention and wash durability through 30 cycles. Great for all inkjet printers, it's even kid-friendly. Applicable to garments, totes, masks, and more, providing personalized DIY gifts for various occasions.

Whether you're an aspiring designer or a seasoned professional, this premium transfer paper is designed to elevate your creativity to new heights. With its advanced coating, you can achieve high-quality and vibrant transfers that truly make your designs stand out.

Compatible with a wide range of standard inkjet printers, this heat transfer paper makes the process hassle-free and convenient. The transfers are not only eye-catching, but also durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your creations maintain their quality even after multiple washes.



  • Impressive adhesion and wash resistance
  • Easy for kids to use
  • Compatibility with different inkjet printers, irons, and heat presses
  • Easy to use on various fabric items
  • Ideal for various fabric surfaces such as cotton, polyester, blends, and more.
  • The specially formulated coating ensures that transferred designs resist fading.

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Part 3: How to use printable transfer paper?

Printable transfer paper brings your designs to life with precision and ease. Follow these simple steps to achieve professional-quality results:

Step 1: Design Mockup

Use software to create and visualize your design on your computer. Consider the heat transfer ink color and size to ensure accuracy.

Step 2: Printing

Print your custom design or brand logo onto specialized heat transfer paper. Choose sublimation ink, inkjet ink, or pigment ink based on your product and application.


Step 3: Cutting

Employ a vinyl cutter to trim your image with precision if using supplier, store-bought, or printed transfers.


Step 4: Heat Press Warming

Warm up your heat press by separating the heat plate from the heat pad and allowing it to warm. Set the temperature between 350 and 375 °F for most applications.

Adjusting the pressure based on how thick the fabric is the key. Thicker fabrics need less pressure, while medium to high pressure usually works best.

Step 5: Set Timer

Now, here comes the crucial part: setting the time. The time varies depending on the heat transfer method you're using. Keep this in mind:

  • Digital Appliqué Transfer: 20 to 30 seconds
  • Inkjet Transfer Paper: 14 to 18 seconds
  • Vinyl Transfer: 45 to 60 seconds
  • Dye Sublimation Transfer: 25 to 30 seconds

Step 6: Pressing and Completion

Now, place your product on the plate with the transfer paper face up in the pressing area.

Cover the printable heat transfer paper with a thin cloth for appliqué and vinyl transfers. Close the press, ensuring accuracy in your predetermined pressure, time, and temperature settings.

Once the timer goes off, remove the film while the paper is still hot to reveal your printed design. Your heat-pressed custom garment is now complete, displaying your unique creativity.

Thus, now you can confidently use printable transfer paper to produce impressive, personalized garments and products.


Part 4: Summary

If you're into making custom t-shirts, bags, or other cool stuff, this printable heat transfer paper is your new best friend. For top-notch heat transfer paper, HTVRONT is a fantastic choice! It is an excellent printable transfer paper specially designed for inkjet printers. With HTVRONT, you can expect unmatched vibrancy and a soft finish in your designs. It's like turning your ideas into real things you can wear or show off. Just follow the steps, and you'll be a DIY designer soon!

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