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Free Sublimation Designs – Where and How to Get Them in 2023

Free Sublimation Designs – Where and How to Get Them in 2023

Having fantastic free sublimation designs is a game-changer for sublimation printing for customized clothing, furniture, and other items. A good design will show your skill and creativity apart from pleasing the eyes. But here's the catch. How can you get the incredible free Tumbler sublimation designs without spending a fortune? Don’t worry. We'll look at how to get hold of cost-free, excellent sublimation patterns that greatly enhance your creations. So, hold on and prepare to find out how to make your products incredibly impressive and stand out from the competition!

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Choose PNG or SVG for your sublimation projects.

Part 2: Get free sublimation designs from professional DIY sites

Part 3: Get free sublimation designs from stock sites

Part 4: Get free sublimation designs from social networks

Part 5: Make your sublimation designs


Part 1: Choose PNG or SVG for your sublimation projects.

For starting a new sublimation project, one of the first choices is to pick the right file type.

PNG or Portable Network Graphics and SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics are the two big players here. Let's break them down and see which one's your sidekick for sublimation projects.


PNG (Portable Network Graphics):

So, PNGs are all about that top-notch quality and the magic of transparent backgrounds. They're like the cool kids in town, easy to find and grab from design websites. PNG is your buddy if you've got designs with loads of colors, intricate details, and shading. It stays super crisp even when resizing it – perfect for sublimation printing.

Pros of PNG:

  • Super high quality for detailed designs.
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • You can find them everywhere online.

Cons of PNG:

  • Heavy file-size
  • Scaling them up to huge sizes might not be their strong suit.


SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics):

SVGs play a different game. They can change sizes without breaking a sweat. SVGs are awesome for simple designs, logos, and stuff you need to adjust to different sizes.

Pros of SVG:

  • Resize it as much as you want. The quality stays top-notch.
  • Tiny file sizes
  • It's super easy to share.
  • Perfect for stuff like logos for resizing.

Cons of SVG:

  • It might not accurately capture intricate details and gradients as PNGs.
  • Limited compatibility with all design software..


PNGs are a master of ease of access and versatility. They're readily available and capture intricate designs beautifully. However, if your project requires scalability and flexibility in sizing, SVGs are the way to go.


Part 2: Get free sublimation designs from professional DIY sites

In the following part, we’ll introduce you to websites for free sublimation Tumbler designs. We will include the quality and number of the designs and the difficulty level of getting free designs. 



Media Number: 200+



The website HTVRONT has a tonne of unique free sublimation tumbler designs that are available without charge. These patterns were created specifically for vinyl tasks, such as when a picture is heated and transferred to fabric or other materials. These images are valuable for stickers and other projects. The best part is that these designs are available in various file formats, including SVG, AI, JPG, and Silhouette. This implies that you can utilize them in different design software. Additionally, you can enlarge or reduce the designs without harming their appearance.


HTVRONT is fantastic for both inexperienced and seasoned makers. It's like having a friend who assists you in doing fantastic stuff. In light of this, if you're working on something imaginative and require cool designs,


  1. Jennifermaker.com

Media Number: 100+


You can find many free downloads at jennifermaker.com that you can use for projects, crafts, gifts, and events. This website is like a vast repository of useful, cool stuff. You can use it as long as this blog is active and new content is added.

You can find various resources at Jennifermaker.com to assist you in creating beautiful things. It resembles a library of files you can use to improve your projects. These files can also create gifts, party decorations, and other enjoyable items.

When you sign up, remember these files are for your use and amusement. But it's a good idea to inquire first if you want to utilize them for business. And neither these files nor the products you create with them are sellable.

So, Jennifermaker.com is the place to go if you're seeking a place to acquire free sublimation designs and manufacture cool things. Enjoy making and utilizing these incredible designs for all of your projects!


Part 3: Get free sublimation designs from stock sites

Here is a list of stock sites to get free sublimation Tumbler designs

  1. Loklikworkshop


Media Number: 10K+

LOKLiK Workshop stands out as a creative DIY company committed to satisfying every craft enthusiast's needs. The company is steadfast in its pursuit of building a safe refuge for innovation. This company creates captivating free sublimation Tumbler designs with unwavering dedication. Their designs are like works of art for your cups, and they put everything into making them beautiful.  


  1. Design Bundles

 Media Number: 1K (free ones)



Some of Design Bundles' finest features are Free graphic packs, icons, templates, backdrops, textures, seasonal cut files, and other items. Customizing marketing and signage templates will put you in a prime position to profit fully.

Get free sublimation designs to print on transfer paper and heat press by downloading it, loading it into your software, and printing it. You also receive unique PNG files for wood sublimation, tumblers, signage, key chains, tags, calligraphy, and a list of other items in addition to t-shirt and mug designs. Consequently, you are prepared to show your audience exactly what is on the table.


Media Number: 16K+



FreeSvg is another free source of sublimation designs for free if you need to fill a sublimation printing order. You can get as many SVG vector graphics as you need from this site when your clients ask you to produce mugs or t-shirts. It includes every aspect. You may find all the most recent designs, including Coronavirus, Lockdown, Cricut SVG, Bunny, Easter, and SVG cut files. To put it another way, it updates more than 1000 sublimation graphics each month to identify the genuine demands of the market.


Part 4: Get free sublimation designs from social networks

You don't always have to pay when it comes to making cool designs for your projects. There are social networks where you can find many sublimation designs for free whenever possible.


  • Pinterest:


Pinterest is like a big picture board where people share their ideas. Many people share their sublimation designs there. You can find all sorts of designs, from fancy patterns to cute drawings. It's like a treasure chest of designs that you can use.






On Facebook, a special group called "Free Sublimation Designs." In this group, people share their designs for free. It's like a club where you can get designs without paying anything. You can connect with others who love designing, too.


  • Twitter



Twitter is a social media platform where artists from all over the world share their work. You can follow artists and see their latest free sublimation Tumbler designs. It's an excellent way of getting a quick look into their skills. On Twitter, you can keep yourself updated of the newest trends and ideas.


These social networks are like your playground for creativity. You don't just get designs for free – you become part of a community that loves making things. So, whether you want intricate patterns or fun drawings, social networks have your back. With Pinterest, Facebook groups, and Twitter artists, you can find amazing designs that match your style. Get ready to dive into the world of free sublimation designs on social networks, and let your creativity shine!


Part 5: Make your sublimation designs

Creating your free sublimation designs with Canva is a breeze, and it only takes a few simple steps.

Let's walk through the process of designing and printing your unique sublimation masterpiece:

Step1: Pick a Design Template

Start by opening Canva and searching for "sublimation design." Canva offers multiple design templates that you can customize to your needs. You can choose to pick a pre-made design or start from scratch. Once you have the design that matches your vision, click on the template to open it in the editor.



Step 2: Add Elements

Now, it's time to add elements to your design. With Canva, you will get text, shapes, images, and more. Just click on the "Elements" option on the left-hand menu, browse through it, and select the affects you want.

Finally, drag and drop the elements onto your design canvas.



Step 3: Customize the Design

Here comes the most interesting part where you can edit your design.

Simply click on the particular element you want to customize and use the toolbar at the top to adjust colors, fonts, and more.

Repeat the above steps for each element you want to customize.



Step 4: Export the Design

Once you are ok with the design, click “Share,” and select the "Download" button at the top right corner. Then, choose the PNG format for sublimation projects and tap "Download" so you can save the file to your computer.



Step 5: Print the Design

Now that you have your design, it's time to print it. Open the exported design file on your PC. Make sure the printer settings match the paper size and orientation. Load sublimation paper into your printer. Print your design onto the sublimation paper.free-sublimation-designs-13


Before printing, review your design for errors and ensure image size and resolution are ideal for high-quality results. When you're confident, proceed to print.

It's a straightforward process that empowers you to unleash your creativity and easily bring your designs to life. Whether you're a crafting novice or an experienced designer, Canva makes sublimation designs free, accessible, and enjoyable. 


Part 6: In case you want to buy some designs

Even though getting sublimation designs for free is great, sometimes they might not be what you need. However, if you want something unique, we can suggest some other sites where you can buy designs that are close to what you need. 

Here are some places to find free sublimation designs or buy the right designs for yourself:


  1. Etsy


The Creative Store Etsy is like a big store where many creative people sell free sublimation designs. You can find all kinds of designs for different things there. Whether it's sublimation or other crafts, Etsy has a wide selection. Artists and creators show their work on Etsy so you can find the perfect design that fits what you want.


  1. Tumblr


On websites like Tumblr, many talented artists share their work. Some of them have their shops where they sell designs. You can find many new and unique designs by checking out hashtags and following these artists.

A Bunch of Creativity Tumblr has a "Bundle of SVG," a collection of designs you can buy. It's like a package of designs that go together. This makes it easier to find the free Tumbler sublimation designs you seek.


  1. Fiverr


Get what you want. If you have a specific design in mind, Fiverr is a place where you can ask an artist to create it for you. You can talk to them and tell them your thoughts. The cost depends on how complicated the design is.

Your idea, their skill. You can also work directly with artists who are experts in making sublimation designs. They can make a design just for you based on your ideas. This way, you will get free sublimation designs made especially for you.


Part 7: Summary and FAQs

Therefore, while free sublimation designs are great, you may need something customized with Canva occasionally. You can locate or create designs that are ideal for what you want by using Etsy, Tumblr, Twitter, Fiverr, and working directly with artists. The listed sublimation designs for free choices will enable you to obtain the design you imagined. So, follow your dream of using unique ideas specially created for you.



Q1: Where can people find free sublimation designs?

A: Want more free sublimation Tumbler designs? Just search on Google and you'll find a lot. Our top picks for free sublimation designs are Etsy, Pinterest, and others listed in this article. Etsy has loads of great designs you can use for your own stuff or even for business projects.


Q2: What is the best application for designing sublimation prints?

A: Use Lightburn, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, CorelDRAW, or Canva to achieve the finest results with sublimation printing. Besides Adobe Illustrator, Gravit, Affinity, and Sawgrass, other well-liked software for sublimation printing includes Inkscape and Inkscape.

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