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How to Change Cricut Blade

How to Change Cricut Blade

Cricut machine is an excellent crafting tool that allows you to cut shapes from vinyl, paper, cardboard, plastic and many other materials. After repeated use of the Cricut blade, it becomes dull and cannot cut cleanly and needs to be replaced. In order to replace the blade, you will need to obtain a suitable replacement blade and insert it correctly into the machine. Once you know how to replace the Cricut blade, you will be able to cut various items in the machine again, resulting in a clearer and neater cutting effect.

Crafters know that cutting is a necessary step to make handmade vinyl works. So knowing how to change Cricut blade is important. By the way, superior and cost-effective vinyl is on sale! Check out our hot rose gold heat transfer vinyl!

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How do I know when to change my Cricut blade?

The blades of the Cricut machine need to be replaced at different intervals depending on the material used for the machine. Generally, if your Cricut machine does not cut well (using the correct settings, but your Cricut cannot fully cut through the material), or encounters problems with weeding , then it may be time to replace the blade.

How often you should change the blade, it will completely depend on how often you use the machine and the type of material you cut with the machine. If you use the machine once a week, you can use it for 6 months or more without changing the blade. However, if you use the machine more frequently, you may need to replace it after a few weeks. If the material you want to cut is mostly thicker, the blade will become dull, and if you only use thinner material, the life of the blade will be longer.

How to Change Cricut Blade

  • Open the Clamp B accessory clamp in the Cricut machine (for Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker).
  • Remove the entire blade housing from the clamp.
  • Press the button on the top of the blade housing. This pushes the blade out. Carefully hold the end of the blade, and then remove it from the housing.
  • Remove the protective cover from the new blade. Place the new blade into the housing with the sharp end sticking out of the housing. There is a magnet inside the housing to push the blade into the inside. When it is properly placed inside, you should hardly see the tip of the blade.
  • Put the housing back into the B clamp of the Cricut machine.
  • Close the lever of the clamp to lock the housing in place.