How to make a donut bag wit the best htv vinyl

Do you like dessert? Not many girls can refuse a sweet dessert. Whatever, not me. I am a super fan of donuts. Chocolate with soft bread and some sugar on them make it not only taste good but also look adorable. I can’t help myself falling in love with it!!!!! So this time I made a donut bag.

Now let’s start our tutorial steps.

First, prepare some pieces of htv vinyl sheets: white, pink, blue, light beige, orange and black; a bag and other crafting tools. Cricut htv with machine.( What I use is cricut.)

Step 2, Weed these htv one by one. Htvront vinyl is super easy-weeding, so you don’t have to worry about weeding.


Step 3, Get ready for heating.

This a layer craft. So put the light beige first, using iron on to heat it. Remember to put the light beige vinyl sheet at the very first, or you will destroy your craft.

The next is the pink sheet. Be careful not to heat too long. Temperature set at 55.

So as the white htv vinyl sheet.

The last sheet is the black sheet.

Now we finished this donut bag. It’s the coolest and cutest accessory. Don’t wait!!!!! Htvront big sale of $50 off $100 is on display now. We offer cheap htv vinyl sheets and htv vinyl rolls, as well as glitter vinyl. If you wanna use adhesive vinyl instead of htv vinyl, it would be better. Though it’s not permanent, you are able to change the decal as you want. What will you use?


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