How to Use HTVRont Transfer Tape to Make Crafting Projects

I used HTVRont transfer tape to supply several gifts of vinyl wall decor (mostly script words) that I had cut out on my Silhouette.
None of the recipients had done transfer before, so when I gave them to the people I prepared them as follows:

1. Cut the words out as per usual (one was out of dollars store priced chalkboard contact type product)

2. Weeded as per usual, and used the transfer tape to hold the words as they were to go on the walls.
Because the people had no experience and one is a child with a long Disney quote she chose...I applied the transfer tape at one to two words per piece.
I found it worked great going across the mat, meaning line the 12 inch side of the transfer tape to a section of words on the 12 in side of the cutting mat.

3. After the first word,I found out it is a very good idea to cover the rest of the mat and words with the protective sheet that comes with mat.
Between this and using weeding boxes around each section of words so I was only dealing with 1) a 12 X 4 inch piece of transfer tape and 2) one or two words at a time
So, after burnishing to transfer tape I covered the back, sticky side of the words with the blue transfer tape backing.
Labeled each section, rolled up in paper towel tube, and gave them to the people.
All of the transfer went on walls perfect and with no issue for those involved!
This method works 100% of the time for me!

If you are looking for cheap vinyl for cricut, we must be right!

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