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Where to Learn Sewing Basics for Beginners? Best Sewing Tips for Beginners!

Where to Learn Sewing Basics for Beginners? Best Sewing Tips for Beginners!
Are you an aspiring seamstress, or do you have a flair for sewing? No matter what, we will help you get the best sewing tips right from the comfort of your home. We will share a few good websites, YouTube channel links, and helpful books. We will break down the article into four parts. So, let us begin the best beginner-friendly tutorial that shares tips, tricks, and techniques suitable for beginners and intermediate sewers.
  • Part 1: Trusted and Tried Websites 
  • Part 2: 8 Amazing Creators on YouTube
  • Part 3: Sewing Books for Beginners
  • Part 4: Summary and FAQs

Part 1: Trusted and Tried Websites 

1. Sailrite

If you wish to start a sewing business or learn sewing basics to satisfy a passion or hobby, The following websites will guide you on essential tips you should know.

Top 10 Sewing Tips

Sailrite goes into detail to point out tips that will help you in your sewing career. On this website, you will find tips on how to ensure you take the right measurements with ease and maintain safety with pins and other sewing equipment. 


2. Mellysews 

Melly Sews

This website is great for both beginners and experienced tailors. Melly Sews shares five rear sewing tips. Here, you will discover why your fabrics get stuck, why your machine keeps unthreading, and how to solve it. You will also learn the actual use of that button on the side of your presser foot, the ball tip on the seam ripper, and the secret about the thread spool.


3. Seamwork

The Sewing Directory


Seamwork is a community for sewists founded by Sarai. This website has learning resources for both new and experienced sewists. As a member of this community, you can access to the Seamwork team, and the Seamwork library where you can find quality patterns that fit you.


4. Thesewingdirectory

The Sewing Directory

This website is a sewing directory for UK-based businesses. Here, you can search for online sewing classes and shops. As a beginner sewist, you will find hundreds of free sewing techniques, projects, guides, and sewing features. It is a free sewing Directory with free resources. 


5. Whip-stitch


Whip Stitch is a blog that shares video sewing lessons online. The founder, Deborah, is a firm believer that anyone can sew. Stitch by Stitch, the tutorial teaches e-classes on many sewing topics like The Sewing Buddy Project, Neat As Ninepence, Sewing With Kids, etc.

Sewing is very fulfilling when you do it with less stress. Choose a platform that fits better to your schedule and appeals to your style.

Part 2: 8 Amazing Creators on YouTube

Learning through YouTube videos is a trend that has been around for a while. But, just as in other fields, there are a lot of videos on sewing tips for beginners. I will share my trusted and amazing YouTube content creators on sewing. Each has its unique qualities and techniques.


1. Coolirpa

If you want to learn to fix mistakes, adjust clothes to fit into your body, and have fun and experiment with sewing, this is one channel I recommend.

Coolirpa is a YouTube channel run by April. Here, you will find many sewing tips for beginners and video tutorials on DIYs, refashioning, and costuming. You can also find videos on garments made from the ground up. 

Check out her most viewed video on Thrifted Transformations below:

2. Trefa Craft

TrefaCraft is for those who want to be spontaneous and creative with sewing. You will love this if you like crafts, handmade items, and DIYs. Trefa Craft has sewing basics videos of DIY (do it yourself) crafts and tutorials for creative enthusiasts. The tutor recreates new items from old materials like bottle lids, leather bags, etc.

The YouTube channel also shares important mini DIY tips like sewing handbags with zippers, making your sewing machine more efficient without breaking the bank, etc.

Below is her most viewed video on Clever Sewing Tips And Tricks:


3. Made-to-Sew

Made-to-Sew is for those who want to learn professional tips and dressmaking techniques. This is a great channel to learn from if you aim to go into sewing as a business.

The channel features many "How To" videos on various patterns, styles, and techniques like cowl neck pattern adjustments, narrow and wide shoulder adjustments, sewing shoulder and neckline, etc.

Below is her most viewed video on the Beginner Sewing Course:


53K subscribers

If you like creative and limitless sewing, then this is for you. Karina is the channel creator, and she shares sewing basics videos to help you amend your garment to how you want it to be.

She does live pattern hacking, drafting, refashioning, and mash-ups. You will find this channel helpful if you like recreating and fitting clothes to your style effortlessly. 

Here is her most popular video on How To Easily Adjust Couch Length On Pants:


5. Sewing Therapy

71.9K subscribers

If you like to see sewing from the planning stages to the end product, watch this channel called Sewing Therapy by Sarah.

She is a fabric store designer and shares projects with independent designers and big pattern companies. You can watch the entire project unfold from start to finish, which is excellent for the beginner sewist to learn from.

Here is her most popular video, which is on DIY Mask:

6. Thoughtful Creativity

Thoughtful Creativity is for those who love crafting and DIY. If you think sewing is fun, you will love this channel. Alisa runs this channel and shares videos of upcycling with a modern twist that the new generation would love. You will see videos on sewing tips for beginners and how to make garments from start to finish.

Here is her most viewed video on easy items she made and sold at the local farmers market:

7. Evelyn Wood

354K subscribers

If you are all about vintage fashion and classic techniques, then you would love this channel by Evelyn Wood. She shows you beautiful old-school sewing techniques from antique and vintage fashion and how to make them in a modern way. You'll find videos on shortcuts, sewing basics, and easy ways to make vintage styles.

Below is her most viewed video, which is on Things Every Beginner Sewist Should Know:

8. Catherine Sews

69.6K subscribers

This channel is great for you if you are looking for sewing project ideas. 

Catherine Sews runs this channel and shares weekly videos on upcycling, tips, techniques, and tricks to help you get amazing sewing results. You can find videos on how to redo sweaters' old denim and make them more beautiful. 

Check out her most viewed video on how to make a t-shirt bigger below:

Part 3: Sewing Books for Beginners 

There are a lot of books out there that provide sewing tips for beginners. As a beginner, finding the right book that suits your sewing style might be difficult. Below are our top picks of Amazon sewing books for Beginners that you'll find helpful. 


· The Sewing Book by Alison Smith

This is one of Amazon's best-selling books on sewing. Whether you are into making clothes, soft furnishings, or alterations to made garments, this book will help you master the techniques. It has close-up photographs of the process and clear instructions to demystify even the most complex tricks. It is fully illustrated and easy to use. 


· Sewing the Curve by Jenny Rushmore

If you want to learn to sew your clothes from scratch or make adjustments to fit your clothes better, this is the book for you.    
This book is a beginner-friendly guide that discusses everything from threading your machine to completing your first garment. 


· Stylish Guide to Classic Sewing by Sarah Gunn 

This book is one of Amazon's classic books on sewing. It delivers enduring fashion in this guide to DIY creation for women's wardrobes. The book contains detailed illustrations, historical facts, and sewing basics for beginners and intermediate sewers.

Part 4: Summary and FAQs

Sewing is very fulfilling; you can make new projects and alter existing garments to fit better. You can amend mistakes, make beautiful blankets and quilts, and create lasting memories while carrying out your sewing project. 
You can have fun sewing when you know the right tips for beginners. It takes some practice and patience, and soon you will be a professional. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where do I start if I want to learn to sew?
A: I recommend choosing a beginner-friendly pattern and some less expensive fabric from the thrift store, finding a sewing machine and just starting. With constant practice, you will eventually get there. 
Q2: What is the first thing a beginner should sew?
A: Buttonholes are always an excellent place to start sewing. Then you can move on to hems, pockets, etc. It is best to start with something simple when it comes to seeing. 
Q3: Can I teach myself sewing?
A: Thanks to the internet, you can teach yourself sewing. There are free online tutorials that offers sewing tips for beginners and can help you learn sewing at your pace.
Q4: What is the most important thing in sewing?
A: Getting familiar with your tools and materials is most important. These include your fabrics and machine. Proper knowledge of your equipment will help you accomplish much.
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