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Do you want this free "SAGITTARIUS" cut file? And make your own inspiring home decor, apparel, and more. Plus, get 20 more free inspirational SVG cut files!

How do you spend this strange and uncertain time? Hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. Today, we bring you a free  inspiring constellation SVG cutting file - SAGITTARIUS. I spent a while trying to make creative holographic adhesive vinyl crafts, and finally completed it.

The whole situation these days may be gloomy, but I want to keep optimistic and creative. I created this craft to convey hope and the possibility of a bright future.

The craft is available in both a multi-color version (Just like this,  composed of several colors) and a monochrome version (One color is also beautiful,  holographic adhesive vinyl can be different color from different angles).

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I created this beautiful constellation art using HTVRont holographic adhesive vinyl , and I will show you how to make your own work below.
I like to make decorative paintings, because I almost always have materials in the lockers in the crafting room. This is a quick and easy way to make beautiful home decoration art! It's actually very simple.


20 x 30 CM Transparent Plastic Board
Holographic Adhesive Vinyl (For my piece I used HTVRont holographic adhesive vinyl in Soil Gold and Water Blue and Pink.)
Silhouette Cameo, Cricut, or other vinyl cutter
Weeding Hook
Craft Knife
Transfer Tape
25 x 6 CM Wood Board
Hot Glue Gun


Here are the basic steps to creating your own Sagittarius decoration art. (If you are new to working with holographic adhesive vinyl, it might be helpful to check out our Instagram Instructional Video right HERE.)




1.Prepare 15 pieces of 25 x 6 cm and 30 pieces of 2x2 cm Wood Board.
2.Use a hot glue gun to combine them like this.
3.Open the cutting file design in the cutting machine software. No need to mirror the design, scale it to fit the frame, and then cut out each color of the design from the corresponding holographic adhesive vinyl.
4.Remove excess vinyl from the decal.
5.Cut out transfer tape with suitable size
6.Use Transfer Tape to transfer adhesive vinyl to the center of the transparent plastic plate.
7.Then tear off the transfer tape.
8.Insert the transparent plastic board into the wooden base.

And that’s it! You can make your own, and you can try other graphics to decorate in this way.

Please note: These cut files are for personal use only (making things for yourself or as a gift) for free. If you want to share the design with your friends, please send them a link as visits to my site allow us to continue to provide you with free cut files. Thank you!

HTVRont holographic adhesive vinyl is easy to weed, please follow the settings below.

Mode: Premium Vinyl -Holographic / Blade: Standard / Pressure: Default

Blade: 1 / Pressure: 10 / Speed: 5 / Aisle: 2 / Material: Vinyl Reflective

If you are using an old blade, please increase the parameters appropriately, you can test a small piece first. Once you find the correct cutting settings, weeding becomes a breeze. It sticks well to most surfaces. Vinyl is a bit stiff and not the best choice for complex angles.Overall, compared with the quality and price of other holographic adhesive vinyl, this one will satisfy you.

Why choose HTVRont Holographic Adhesive Vinyl?

Multicolor-Shimmering holographic adhesive vinyl is eye-catching. Use these excellent holographic permanent vinyls to release your creativity and decorate notebooks, laptops, mobile phone cases, cups, cars, mirrors, windows, etc.

Durable-Each holographic vinyl sheet is made of high-quality materials and has a strong adhesive backing that can withstand indoor or outdoor use. You can take this holographic permanent vinyl wherever your creative imagination takes you!

Easy to use-HTVRont holographic vinyl permanents have a high-quality adhesive backing, making complex cutting and weeding designs a breeze. Pressure sensitive adhesive allows you to move the design in dry applications and reposition it gently until it is correct.

Flexibility and Versatility-This holographic adhesive vinyl  is flexible enough to adapt to curved objects, and can be applied to various surfaces including glass, plastic, metal, ceramic and wood.

Excellent Service-we are confident in holographic vinyl. We hope to make you completely satisfied with holographic adhesive vinyl. If you are satisfied with our holographic vinyl, please help us share it with more craft lovers or any social media you have.

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