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The Best Sublimation Paper for Epson Printer

The Best Sublimation Paper for Epson Printer


What do you need most for a successful sublimation project?

Sublimation printing has become a unique technique among craft enthusiasts, allowing them to add stunning and personalized designs to various substrates like ceramics, fabrics, metals, and tiles. Two key objects are essential to make a successful sublimation project: a reliable inkjet or sublimation printer and a high-quality sublimation paper.


What is the best sublimation printer?

Among the wide range of printer options available, Epson printers have gained widespread popularity and recognition among sublimation enthusiasts. It is mainly due to their high performance, excellent print quality, and user-friendly operations. The print quality decides whether the whole sublimating project will succeed. Moreover, the Epson printer's wide compatibility with different sublimation inks and sublimation papers adds more charm to its popularity.


Why the sublimation paper is important?

To understand why selecting the sublimation paper for your sublimating printer is crucial, you have to learn what role the sublimation plays during the sublimating process.

Sublimation is actually a process that transfers the pattern and image you designed from the computer to specific substrates where the sublimation paper acts as a transfer medium between the sublimation ink and the substrate.

The sublimation paper plays a crucial role in this process by holding the sublimation inks during heating, allowing them to release onto the substrate and facilitating the transfer of vibrant and accurate images. It ensures that the inks do not spread, bleed, or become distorted during the transfer, bringing high-quality, detailed, and durable sublimated prints. Therefore the choice of sublimation paper is equally crucial in determining the success of your sublimation designs.

Meanwhile, sublimation ink also plays an important role in sublimation process. Check this guide to learn how to choose the best sublimation ink for epson printer.

What is the best sublimation paper?

We hereby recommend the HTVRONT sublimation paper for your Epson printer. There are several factors that you need to take into consideration when searching for the best sublimation paper. The HTVRONT sublimation paper outperforms other brands and emerges as the winner with its unparalleled advantages and wide market acceptance.


Why choose the HTVRONT sublimation paper?

  • Wide compatibility

When selecting a sublimation paper, it's important to consider the compatibility with your sublimation inks, printer model, and the desired substrates you intend to print on. Choosing a compatible sublimation paper ensures optimal printing results, reduces the risk of printing errors or quality issues, and maximizes the performance of your sublimation setup. The HTVRONT sublimation paper is widely compatible with different printers and inks, including other Epson printers as well.

  • Cost efficient

Every customer wants to spend the least money on the best goods. The HTVRONT ranks top with its competitive price and surprising durability. You can find one of the HTVRONT sublimation paper economical kit containing 150 pcs 8.7" x 11" in size, a better value for money. You'll be amazed by its large quantity and premium quality, making this kit pretty enough to help with all your designs and works.

  • Premium Quality

The qualified sublimation paper should withstand the heat and pressure applied during the transfer process without tearing or wrinkling. Meanwhile, the paper must also be hard to crack or fade after multiple times of washing, heating, and sun exposure. This HTVRONT sublimation paper ensures smooth and consistent transfers, contributing to the longevity of the final product by providing a reliable medium in the sublimating process.

  • High-transfer rate

The high sublimation paper transfer rate refers to its ability to efficiently transfer sublimation inks from the paper onto the final substrate during the sublimation printing process. It indicates how effectively the ink adheres to the substrate, producing vibrant and accurate prints. The HTVRONT paper ensures the inks fully penetrate the substrate surface, leading to excellent color saturation, sharpness, and clarity in the final printed image.

  • Fast dry

The fast-drying speed refers to how quickly the paper absorbs and dries the inks after printing. The faster the speed, the lower risk of smudging or swearing the printed image. Moreover, the fast drying speed means shortening waiting times and increasing productivity which is vital for high-volume printing or time-sensitive projects. The HTVRONT sublimation paper enables smooth workflow, enhancing the print quality and convenience in sublimation printing.


To conclude, HTVRONT sublimation paper is the perfect companion for your Epson printer, guaranteeing optimal results. But not everyone knows how to use and set up the Epson printer for sublimation print. Start from loading paper to the printer's setup; each step counts. You may accidentally ruin the whole design by merely selecting the wrong printing options.


Below we prepared detailed instructions about setting up your Epson printer so you can refer to it. Please remember to consult your printer's manual for specific instructions on loading paper, as the steps might vary slightly depending on the printer model.


How to load paper in Epson 570 printer?

  1. Open the paper support and pull up the extension that you can find at the back of the printer.
  2. Slide the edge guide all the way to the left.
  3. If you are inserting a stack of HTVRONT sublimation paper, fan the sheets first and tap the stack on a flat surface to even the edges.
  4. Insert the paper, the printable side up and short edge first, against the right side, and beneath the arrow on the left edge guide. (the printable side is usually the whiter side or the side with a watermark)
  5. Slide the edge guide against the paper, but not too tightly.
  6. Open the front cover and slide out the output tray and paper stopper.


Now you have loaded the paper and finished the design on your computer. It is time to print!

First, you must select the right printer name on the designing software you use.

If necessary, you also need to select paper size and paper source based on your situation in the software settings.

Find access to the Printing Preference once you confirm the printer.


Printing Preference


Select Settings; check the source bar aligned with the previous choices; the Media Type is based on the substrate you are going to sublimate. Leave the Print Quality on Simple Setting and select Standard; make sure you have clicked Print with High Quality.


Select Settings


Then, go to the Layout page that you may find on the top of the setting page.


 Layout page


Check the Mirror Image. If you have mirrored the image in the designing processes before, then you don’t have to click this option - vice versa.

Switch to the Advanced page; select Normal Cut and Auto Rotate in the Roll Paper Option area.


Switch to the Advanced page


Go back to the Printer Settings page and click OK. Now you can print out your sublimation design!


Printer Setting


To ensure a smooth sublimation process, you need to have a thorough understanding of the settings. However, the key players in this sublimation show are the right tools and high-quality raw materials. Now with the perfect combination of an Epson printer and HTVRONT sublimation paper, it is time to bring your designs to life!

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