6 Ways: Lovely Valentine's Day Gifts

6 Ways: Lovely Valentine's Day Gifts

The most memorable day designed to show your deepest love is coming! I bet you are already making some exclusive Valentine's day gifts for him or her! Or maybe you are still wondering what can be new this year to surprise your sweetheart! 

Look no further! I have packed a bunch of attractive Valentine's day gift ideas below for every romantic crafter in love or under the way! I hope my custom Valentine's day gifts can help get you and your beloved ones the desired effect and some beautiful moments! 


Valentine's Day 3D Box

Preparation: A Cutting Machine, HTVRONT Cardstock Paper, 3D Box SVG, a Cutting Mat 

Recently I just got one brilliant Valentine's Day gift idea from my friend: a lovely 3D gift box made with cardstock paper.  

He knows thoroughly that his girlfriend loves delicate jewelry so much and is sensitive to handmade items. And he thought that there was no reason to blame a man for being this considerate and crafting cute valentine's day gifts. Therefore, he bought several pairs of diamond earrings, some colored cardstock, and a box of valentine's day cards to assemble the valentine's day gifts for her. 

This handicraft is pretty easy peasy! You only need to cut out the adorable gnome and the frame design with HTVRONT Cardstock. Take the colored cardstock off the Cutting mat and glue them together edge by edge. And here, you can use different colored cardstock paper or even glitter cardstock to make the tiny gnome and stick it on the box. At last, thrust in a paper box, and it's done! 

Put into some sweet tiny pieces of jewelry and Valentine's day boxed cards, it would be amazing to explore the mystery inside the gift box!


Valentine's Day Hoodies

Preparation: HTVRONT Heat Press, Heat Transfer Vinyl, Valentine's Day SVG, a Cutting Mat, a Cutting Machine, Teflon Sheet 

How about wearing a set of couple hoodies?! Best chance ever to show off your sweet relationship in public and exhibit your personality and innovation! 

What I use here to make the matching couple hoodies is HTVRONT Heat Transfer Vinyl and its Easy Heat Press machine. There is a diversity of HTV Vinyl in its shop, from glittery to metallic and from matte to glossy, so you are allowed to choose as you want and design as you expect. 

Choose your favorite images or patterns from an online location (Mine design here is from the HTVRONT website.) for your custom couple hoodies. Then edit it in a photo-editing program. You can use Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio. Remember to mirror the design before sending it into the cut. 

Apply your cutter and cut out the ideal design with heat transfer vinyl. Weed away the excess parts, and meanwhile, preheat your HTVRONT portable heat press to 300℉. During the heating process, you can place the heat-pressing mat and your DIY hoodie in order. Put the vinyl design on top and cover it with a Teflon sheet to avoid design damage caused by heat. 

Heat press the vinyl design on the DIY hoodie for 15 seconds and peel off the protective film when the temperature gets down. Now, feel free to enjoy your cute couple hoodies!


DIY Couple Key Chains

Preparation: HTVRONT Sublimation Key Chains, Sublimation Paper, Sublimation Ink, Inkjet Printer, Heat-resistant Tape, HTVRONT Mini Heat Press

 Suppose you are a thoughtful romantic crafter who takes more consideration of details in daily life. Then you may also be interested in the DIY key chains for couples. This cute couple keychain reminds you and your soulmate every day of the vivid memories you guys create together. Good choice as one of Valentine's day gifts! 

What you need here are sublimation keychain blanks and a sublimation paper. I downloaded some beautiful couple images from some websites, and you are capable of changing them into your memorable selfies and pictures. 

Print out the colorful images with sublimation paper for inkjet printers. You must keep in mind to reverse the images before printing and use only sublimation ink to print. Cut the sublimation printing paper into a proper shape based on the couple's keychain and fix them face-to-face with heat-resistant tape. 

Preheat your heat press machine to 365-400℉ and apply the heat press to the DIY key chains for about 40-60 seconds. Warm peel the backings, put on some keychain accessories and fix them with tweezers, and everything is done! What cute valentine's day gifts! 


Valentine's day Mug 

Preparation: HTVRONT Adhesive Vinyl, Transfer Tape, a Scraper, a Cutting Machine

One of the best valentine's day gifts for her will be custom mugs with strangely cute and romantic lollipops! My attention was drawn by the valentine's day gift ideas due to the shiny and vibrant color management! 

Some girly elements can always shine a mundane item with pink bubbles! Check the two little ears in a red heart shape and the surrounding rose-red stars. They are great for customized mugs! 

Use a cutting machine to churn out the design (not mirrored) on the permanent adhesive vinyl and weed away the excess vinyl parts. Cover transfer tape onto the final design and remove the bubbles with a scraper, then transfer it to the DIY coffee mugs! Just a piece of cake! 


DIY Coffee Mugs with LOVE letter

Preparation: HTVRONT Sublimation Paper, Heat Press Machine, Heat-resistant Tape 

A great DIY mug with brilliant Valentine's day gift ideas also helps to make your mates feel deeply loved. This project can turn out to be a good way to demonstrate love letters from the bottom of your heart. 

Like what you do to sublimate on acrylic keychain, you only need to change the substrate into DIY coffee mugs. And remember to use a mini heat press or a cup heat press for full sublimation.


Valentine's Day Soy Candles

Preparation: HTVRONT Soy Candle Making Kit, Printable Vinyl Sticker 

Besides those mentioned above, one more terrific project can be in line with your custom valentine's day gifts: A super sweet soy candle! 

It's pretty crucial to lighten the romantic atmosphere while enjoying the big meal on Valentine's day. How about showcasing your sweet little trick on the soy candles? When the surroundings are dark and quiet, the unexpected flame jumps into your eyes, and so as to the heartwarming words and images you craft on the candle container. 

Heat the soy wax for candle making with the measuring cup and drop an amount of fragrance oil into it and stir. Stick a wick at the bottom of the container, and put a wick holder on top to fix the wick. And then, pour your melted wax into the container and wait until it's cured. 

Last, print out your lovely picture, and you may edit some words on it on the printable vinyl sticker. And then just stick it on the surface of the candle container.  

Now, wait for your surprisingly personalized night!


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