Cricut Vinyl Projects - Galaxy T-shirt

cricut shirt ideas: galaxy vinyl for t-shirt
Personalize your T-shirts with vinyl is very interesting! And Cricut is very suitable for making T-shirts because it cuts through the soldering iron vinyl design. Therefore, today I will show you vinyl shirt ideas - how to use Cricut to make a t-shirt with galaxy pattern.

In this project, we will use galaxy HTV vinyl. Galaxy Printed Heat Transfer Vinyl can decorate clothing, canvas bags, pillowcases and other fabrics, so it's great for cricut shirt ideas. Of course you can create your own custom design, or you can use ready-made designs called SVG files to make custom graphic T-shirts with Cricut. Check our free SVG collection to get more vinyl shirt ideas.

And there is one important note that you need to remember to mirror or flip the design while making a Cricut t shirt. Let's first go over the steps. Place the vinyl on the cutting mat with the right side up, weed excess vinyl, preheat the shirt, set the temperature correctly, press it, and remove the carrier sheet at the right time. Let's get started the cricut shirt ideas.

Cricut Vinyl Projects - Galaxy T-shirt

Materials You Need

1. A cotton T-shirt 

2. Galaxy HTV Vinyl

3. Cutting Mat

4. Weeding Tools

5. Parchment Paper or Teflon Sheets

6. T-shirt Ruler Guide

7. Htvront Mini Heat Press Machine   


How to Make a Galaxy T-Shirt?

Step 1: Make Your design

Go to Cricut Design Space, click "New Project", and then click "Templates" in the upper left corner. Select "Classic T-shirt", then choose style, size and color. This template will help you determine the design size so that it looks good on a T-shirt. You can use the resize handle in the lower right corner to resize the image to fit the T-shirt-just click and drag.

Or you can upload an SVG file, and then also change its size in the design space. Just change the width to the desired size and the height will automatically adjust.

When you are ready, click the "Make It" button in the upper right corner. On the next screen, you will see a preview of the cut mat. The first biggest mistake of using HTV is that we forgot to click the small mirror button. You must switch MIRROR to "ON" (green)-all ironing designs must be mirrored before cutting!

Unfortunately, there is a little problem with my Cricut machine, so I use the Silhouette cameo to design. 


Step 2: Cut the Galaxy HTV Vinyl

Now, you need to put the galaxy HTV on the cutting mat. The galaxy iron on vinyl is attached to its own carrier sheet, and the sheet is transparent. In most cases, the instructions for vinyl will say make the shiny side down. It is very important to put the galaxy vinyl SHINY SIDE DOWN on the cutting mat. Make sure you use the correct cutting parameters, each of our product pages has setting instructions.


Step 3: Weed the Vinyl

After everything is cut, we need to weed the vinyl. Weeding means removing all vinyl that we don't want to transfer to the project. Therefore, this means that we have removed all the extra small parts.

First, poke the weeding tool into the vinyl in one of the corners, and then peel it off the carrier sheet. HTV is not as sticky as adhesive vinyl. The carrier sheet is slightly sticky though.

After removing a lot of excess vinyl, use a weeding tool to reinsert and get smaller pieces, such as the inside of the letters.

You just need to be patient. Here, we have weeded the entire design. Then we can heat press the shirt.


Step 4: Transfer your design to the T-shirt
Put your design on the shirt. For this project, we want to center it on the front. To find the center of the shirt, you can use the T-shirt ruler guide. Now, when you open the shirt, you will know exactly where the center is. Just align the center.

I am using the Htvront Mini Heat Press to make this cricut t shirt. The setting I used was Low temperature: 284°F (140°C). You need to pre-press the shirt to remove moisture and wrinkles.

Make sure you have a heat press pad or towel under your shirt to protect your table. Use a mini heat press to heat the design. If the transfer sheet adheres to the iron, you can cover the design with parchment paper or teflon sheet to protect the surface of the iron.

Wait and let the design cool to a warm temperature. Then pull the carrier sheet from the design. Then you are done!

To learn the correct way to care for a new cricut t shirt, wait at least 24 hours after applying vinyl before washing. Before washing it, you need to turn your shirt inside out, then wash and dry. Have you got it? Turn this vinyl shirt idea into your new handmade work!

Do you have any other cricut shirt ideas? Welcome to share with us in the comment.

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