DIY Mermaid T-shirt Tutorial

DIY Mermaid T-shirt Tutorial

Mermaid is all the rage, this is an interesting gift. The mermaid is the epitome of summer and sunshine... Htvront Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl and metallic htv are new ways to express it. Use htvront vinyl to make a particularly perfect shirt. Shirts are our customers' favorite crafting medium. They are made extremely fast and are the perfect last-minute gift. Have you made shirts before? This DIY Mermaid shirt is a super simple craft tutorial!

Materials Needed: 

1. Cricut or Silhouette Cutting Machine

2. Htvront mini heat press

3. Cutting mat

4. White T shirt

5. Mermaid SVG File

6. Holographic and Metallic HTV


DIY Mermaid T-shirt Tutorial

In the Cricut design space, choose your design. If you want to adjust for children's shirts or smaller size shirts, you can change the size of each design element. Before continuing cutting, make sure to switch the mirroring option of each part to ON. This will print the design backwards, so when you transfer it to the fabric, it will face up.

Place the vinyl on the cutting mat and load the shiny side down. Then insert into the cricut Maker or other machine. Print out each part and remove excess material. Use your tool to weed and remove the extra parts between the design parts.

Set the mini heat press to the correct temperature. Carefully cut every part of the design. When arranging on the shirt, make sure that the vinyl material does not overlap. Prepare your T-shirt by heating it for about 10 seconds, then place the design where you want it.

Then place the mini heat press on the shirt and press down firmly for 20 seconds. Let the shirt cool down a bit, and then gently peel off the edges of the plastic. Place the plastic carrier sheet back on top of the mermaid.

Then iron the second layer, making sure to place the iron directly on the shirt. Similarly, setting the temperature according to the recommended settings. Then let the shirt cool 2-3 seconds. Finally peel off the carrier sheet, and you are done! A simple DIY mermaid shirt!

DIY Mermaid T-shirt Tutorial -1
DIY Mermaid T-shirt Tutorial -2
DIY Mermaid T-shirt Tutorial -3
DIY Mermaid T-shirt Tutorial -4
DIY Mermaid T-shirt Tutorial -5
DIY Mermaid T-shirt Tutorial -6
DIY Mermaid T-shirt Tutorial -7

This is a shirt that will attract attention! Wrap it up as a one-of-a-kind special gift, or wear it to a fun summer party!

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