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How to make Halloween Costumes with Heat Transfer Vinyl

How to make Halloween Costumes with Heat Transfer Vinyl

Halloween has got to be everyone's favorite day to play dress up or look like their favorite scary or weird character. You can choose from spooky, weird, funny, or utter horror with your costumes. One of the most favorite parts of Halloween is having to decide what costume to put on. Often most of these costumes either get sold out or are not available to fully achieve the look one is going for. Here, you will learn how one can use Heat Transfer vinyl to make outstanding Halloween costumes for yourself, siblings, kids, or for retail.

Heat transfer vinyl is also called iron on vinyl. It is mainly divided into glitter vinyl, normal heat transfer vinyl, patterned vinyl, holographic vinyl and printable vinyl. Now there are also some other kinds vinyl like adhesive vinyl which is used more as a decal.

Heat Transfer Vinyl has the potential of limitless creative options for Halloween decorations or costumes. With HTV, if you can imagine it, then it is possible. Many of us are guilty of stalling our Halloween costumes till the eve of Halloween. With HTV, having a vinyl cutter by your side is all that you need. Here is a bonus tip: In case there is no craft cutter, and your design is a simple one, you may need to make use of a pair of scissors to cut letters or shape out of heat transfer vinyl and press the vinyl design on the canvas with a household iron.

Here are some of heat transfer vinyl Halloween costume ideas you can try!

First, using glitter vinyl to decorate your items. Glitter vinyl is very sparkle. It makes your pattern more shinning under the light, which makes the scarlet word become more scary. Or you can use adhesive vinyl to decorate your windows or walls. It is easy to use and remove so it won’t destroy your home and you can clean them easily. What’s more, you can use printable vinyl to print some of your favorite movie characters. It’s trick. There are so many ways to apply all kinds of vinyl for Halloween decoration. Let’s talk about some detailed ideas!

1.Do you remember the death of Quickutz? Hand-held crocodile leather with short cut shapes and letters? I sold my things and bought Cricut... but I saved some molds and I can still use them in BigShot. This chicken is one of my favorites. I like to use it to make trading cards!

2.You can make new home decorations and incorporate Halloween crafts in many different ways. You can not only decorate the front porch with pumpkins, but also make signs. And scarecrow. And all of Hocus Pocus. I really want to try cutting wood on my Cricut Maker. I found a different logo in a handicraft shop, which inspired me...but I have to say Hocus Pocus. Now my sister decides it belongs to her. I just want to make more Halloween-themed crafts.

3.Halloween scrapbook paper is my favorite of all time.

When I started sorting out all the scrapbook papers, it was obvious that the number of Halloween papers was 3 times that of any other topic!

This is probably one of the most detailed mini albums I have ever created. The paper mainly comes from Pinecone Publishing House.

It is a perfect combination of black, gray, purple, green and orange. What are the colors that make craftsmen want to giggle?

4.Now, when I use Cricut to cut files, I feel that my paper-making process has taken another step. It's very satisfying when you sit down and make Halloween cards (or any other Halloween crafts) and the parts work together. Like butter!

The cute little witch cat is very fast together (from SVG design to finished card). If you look closely, you will find that some older Halloween paper has been added to the design.

5.I can't believe how these acorns are stacked together.

They are very sturdy (considering they are just paper), and the lid opens and closes very well. My kids love that I bought candies for the photos (Hidden for a long time!).

These will be the perfect focal point for the dinner table or hostess’s gifts in the fall celebrations.

6.This is one of the Halloween crafts that children can help. Or arrange the entire classroom in art class.

Your Cricut is easy to cut and assemble. Adding some glitter or stickers as decoration will make them more unique.

 These Halloween snack bags themselves are very cute. I am now sitting on my counter with the entire Boo Crew.

With these ideas, we sure bet you can whip up a fun heat transfer vinyl Halloween costume for yourself or kids in a short while. We cannot wait to see what you came up with.

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