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How to Make Halloween Shirts with Cricut?

How to Make Halloween Shirts with Cricut?

As one of the best festivals, Halloween, is coming closer, there is a fabulous chance to exhaust all kinds of our Halloween shirt ideas!

Usually, creative DIY Halloween shirts are in the limelight on this day! They are easy to make and cute to wear even for daily dressing. What's more, these shirts are also awesome Cricut projects to sell for small businesses! 

So, what materials and images allow us to flourish freely in such a special season? We here will use Heat Transfer Vinyl, Sublimation Paper, Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl for Sublimation, and Heat Transfer Paper to DIY Halloween shirts! 

How to Make Halloween Shirts with Cricut

How to make a Halloween costume with Sublimation Paper?

How to make shirts with Cricut? In this part, I will show you how to make one of my favorite Halloween t shirts with the colorful image "Love Pumpkin"!

If you prefer to watch a video, click the link below. 


Here are the things that need to be prepared in advance:

1. Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl for Sublimation
2. Black PU Heat Transfer Vinyl
3. Sublimation Paper
4. Transfer Tape
5. The Cricut Vinyl Cutter Machine
6. The HTVRONT Heat Press
7. A Computer
8. A Printer
9. Weeding Tools
10. A Cutting Mat
11. Scissors

First, drag the happy Halloween SVG "Love Pumpkin" into the Cricut Design Space to edit. This image is pretty simple with just lines, so what you need is just to extract the outlines of the letters. But remember to mirror before sending the cutting code, or the Halloween SVG can turn out to be reversed.

We will use the Black HTV to play the role of the contour. Connect your cutting machine to the computer and load the cutting mat with the black HTV on it. And the cut begins!

Weed away the excess parts of the contour, and set your heat press at 310℉. Once the machine reaches the set temperature, apply it to your contour image and t-shirt.

Cut out the contour lines once again on the Glitter HTV. This time, we're going to weed away the contour and leave the inside parts on the backing. Apply the heat press again to fill the black contour with Glitter HTV on the t-shirt.

Then, print out your favorite patterns on the sublimation papers and cut them into the same shapes as the Glitter HTV

For better results and further alignment, I used transfer tape here to stick the printed sublimation paper in place on the mat while cutting. (Note here that you cannot stick the tape with the printed papers on the front side, or the patterns will be damaged because of the strong stickiness.)

Cover the Glitter HTV with the sublimation papers according to the shapes and apply the heat transfer technique! Peel off the protective film after the temperature cooled down.

Done! Wonderful Halloween shirt ideas for you. The shiny glitters on the Halloween pumpkin t shirt are quite cute and enchanting, right?!


How to make a Halloween costume with Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl must be an excellent choice if you prefer to dot your Halloween garments with vibrant and meaningful pictures!

You may tell from the video below that I used a picture of sweet kids holding some quirky pumpkin lanterns. And I even designed several people's shapes as the shadow background!

This design is really simple but stylish, and lots of friends online were asking about the step-by-step instructions! How to make t shirts with Cricut? So here it comes!

First, prepare these items below:

1. Heat Transfer Vinyl (You may need to decide if it's for dark fabric or light fabric)
2. Transfer Tape
3. The Cricut Vinyl Cutter Machine
4. The HTVRONT Heat Press
5. A Computer
6. A Printer
7. Weeding Tools (A weeder and a scraper)
8. A Cutting Mat

Select a picture you like of your families, lovers, or friends, or just a funny Halloween SVG free from Cricut Design Space or other locations. 

Then, print the picture out using your household printer. There's no limit to using an inkjet printer or laser printer. And the image will demonstrate rich colors and excellent brilliance on the transfer paper!

Design a proper and beautiful shape or pattern for your final result. This can help boost the final visual effect. 

Connect your Cricut vinyl cutter machine to the editing program on the computer. Load the printed transfer paper and the cutting mat in, and cut the paper into the shape.

After weeding away the excess parts of your cut image, you need to make your transfer tape ready for its second use. You may use a previous transfer tape that has worked with adhesive vinyl before or just stick a new one on your hand to reduce its stickiness. All of this is because if you directly use the tape for the first time, the original excellent adhesion will ruin your designs. Like we said before, attention again!

Now, it's your turn to apply it. Cover your cut Halloween SVG with the used transfer tape and remove the bubbles using a scraper. You will see that the transfer tape can be used repeatedly and perfectly. It holds every part of the image quite well in the right place.

Last, set your heat press at 320℉ and preheat. Heat pressing the image for 10 seconds when the machine gets its set temperature. Typically, we use parchment paper to avoid the direct touch between the heat and the design. Here, we can just use the transfer tape after it transfers the image to the shirts. 

Peel off the transfer tape, and your fabulous Halloween t shirt has been done!

How about it? Amazing, right?! 

These techniques of making Halloween shirts can be applied in many scenarios for all kinds of holidays and anniversaries!

In this tutorial, we share some Halloween craft ideas using the common garment crafting materials: Heat Transfer Vinyl and Heat Transfer Paper. Even more, there is also an innovative new way of sublimation paper along with another type of glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl for sublimation. These combinations can result in stunning and glittery designs on all your fabrics! Tons of creative things to make and sell with Cricut. Why don't you just let your mind go wild with Halloween?! Click to know more Cricut projects.

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