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Making Funny Thanksgiving Tshirt with Cricut

Making Funny Thanksgiving Tshirt with Cricut

One of the most popular seasons is coming on its way, Thanksgiving! Since my childhood, this day has always been my favorite and most exciting festival. There is the perfect chance to repay the love and support from my beloved ones with crafts for Thanksgiving! And, of course, enjoy the best meal ever!

On this valuable day, I can bare all my thoughts and Thanksgiving Cricut ideas and bury my happiness and gratitude into various crafts of Thanksgiving. And this time, I'm so glad to share with you this special and funny Thanksgiving tshirt for my first baby!

How to make funny Thanksgiving Tshirts?

Check the tutorial video; it will be much easier for you to follow the step-by-step instructions below and bring out flawless Thanksgiving projects.


Now, let the party begin! First, you need to prepare the following supplies:

1. Heat Transfer Vinyl (Orange, Orange Red, Brown, Yellow, Black)
2. A Teflon Sheet
3. Vinyl Weeding Tools
4. Cutting Mat
5. Cricut Maker 3 (or other cutting machines)
6. A Heat Press

Here, drag the design into your Cricut Design Space and edit. Since the techniques can also be applied to other Thanksgiving shirt designs, you just need to change the SVG image into your ideal one. In the Design Space, you can edit the size, shape, color, contour, layers, and mirror effect and add fonts.

And remember, you must mirror the image while working with heat transfer vinyl. That's because you will cut the back side of the vinyl later, or your Thanksgiving shirt designs will be reversed.

Then, connect your Cricut Maker 3 to your computer and send the processed image to your cutter. Before the cutting process, stick your HTV Vinyl of the proper size on the cutting mat. You must be careful to align the fringe of your cutting materials according to the image on your computer to avoid incomplete cuts.

If your materials cannot stay in the correct place and curl a lot, you can use some heat tape to fix them for better cutting results.

Load the material and cutting mat into the machine, and the cut begins. After cutting, take out your weeding tools to get rid of the additional parts of your design.

Now, power on your heat press and set it at regular heat transfer temperature: 300℉. While waiting for the machine to preheat, you can pick a Thanksgiving tshirt and place the first layer of your design on the right place.

Cover your design with the Teflon Sheet and apply the heat press for 10 -15 seconds.

Remove the heat press and then wait until the temperature has cooled down to peel off the protective film. That would be the completion of the first layer of your design.

For the rest of the materials, you just need to repeat the above moves and transfer them one by one.

Note that the finished Cricut Thanksgiving projects can only be washed after 24 hours. And the inside parts need to be taken out during the laundry so that your Thanksgiving tshirts can last for a longer time.

What's special about the Thanksgiving project?

Thanksgiving is always about love and food, and the most typical food on the table must be: Turkey! And today's shirt is not just about a simple turkey image. You can see from the tutorial video that the SVG design seems like a Minnie Mouse, but in fact, it's the shape of a TURKEY! How amazing and funny is it?! Only after you put a spotted bow on the turkey's head will the image of vinyl Thanksgiving shirts become one of the most popular cartoon characters!

Meanwhile, with the most classic color combination of Thanksgiving, like orange, brown, and yellow, this Thanksgiving tshirt delivers a much more joyful and pleasant holiday aroma.

Sure, there are hundreds of brilliant craft ideas for Thanksgiving on the internet. But this one is not only one of my favorite Thanksgiving projects but also my girl's most precious vinyl Thanksgiving shirts! Fantastic Thanksgiving shirt ideas for the family!

If you are still looking for amusing but impressive Cricut Thanksgiving ideas, do not hesitate to come and enjoy a beautiful parent-child time with your kids!


1. Do you need transfer tape for iron-on vinyl?

Strictly speaking, with its adhesive protective film, you don't have to apply transfer tape to fix the position and make it work as heat-resistant tape. If you don't have Teflon Sheet, you may take transfer tape as its alternative when making your Thanksgiving Cricut projects.

2. Can heat transfer vinyl resist repeated wash cycles?

Yes. Usually, heat transfer vinyl is flexible and long-lasting. Premium HTV Vinyl can withstand falling off and fading during machine washes. But still, you need to treat the Thanksgiving Cricut projects carefully and gently and take the patterned side out while washing.

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