Skull Lover Tee with Htvront htv

Skull Lover Tee with Htvront htv

Are you a fan of skulls? Skulls are scary but adorable. I am really into making cute skull tee. Autumn is around the corner. So I add some autumn elements to my design.

What you should prepare:

White vinyl

Fluorescent orange vinyl

Orange vinyl

Red vinyl

Yellow vinyl

Black vinyl

A yellow t-shirt


Tutorial Steps:

  1. Cut some vinyl and put them into a cutting machine one by one according to the pattern. Weed the extra vinyl. You can try to layer the vinyl first.

  1. First, put the black vinyl and then heat on it with iron-on.

  1. Remove the tape.

  1. Next is the red and yellow vinyl.

  1. White vinyl.

Then finish!!!!!

Halloween is approaching with Autumn. Skull is the best decoration for it! Besides this, we also offer a cutting-fee vinyl bundle of Halloween decoration, which sells $5 off now. Moreover, $50 off $100 sales are popular now. Don’t miss this hot sale~

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