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How to Cut HTVRONT Vinyl with Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter

How to Cut HTVRONT Vinyl with Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter

Maybe most of you guys in the handicraft industry have already heard of the newest cutter of Siser, Juliet. The name is quite romantic. After combining my favorite craft material brand HTVRONT with such a wonderful cutting helper, I do believe that Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter can stand for a breakthrough in cutting machines.

So here, I'm going to make a detailed tutorial about how to cut HTVRONT vinyl with this machine. In this guide, you will learn what Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter is, how to use it, and how to cut heat transfer vinyl, adhesive vinyl, and printable vinyl. Now, let's dive into this topic!

What is Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter?

Actually, Siser is most known for its crafting materials. However, considering the rising competitive forces, it begins to release its own vinyl cutting machine, Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter. 

Compared to other competitors, Siser developed a touchable digital screen on the machine for further operation, which, I have to say, is one of my favorite features! It combines many settings and adjustments to make cutting easier and more effortless. So later, I will give it a more detailed description during the crafting process. Now, take on my various HTVRONT vinyl and start the journey!

What is Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter?

How to Use Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter?

Is this the first time acknowledging how to use a vinyl cutter? Don't worry. This vinyl-cutting machine combines a clear operation manual.

But before getting started, you have to learn about the three pinch rollers on the backside of the cutting area. You need to take the white plastic items off them and adjust their position according to the size of your actual working material. Therefore, the rest of your working process will be fixed and smooth.

And you need to prepare your alerts of complete cuts (the LED flashes and chime sound), the accurate unit you need, the WiFi connection, and the language you ask for and plug the blades into the clamp well in advance for further use.

Then, like normal, different vinyl cutter machines always come with different cut settings. You may think about testing the exact cut settings for your HTVRONT vinyl before you put your idea into reality. That's an essential move to avoid waste. But the fantastic part is you can just test the settings by simply clicking the "Test Cut" on the screen. How convenient that is!

Once you confirm the precise cut settings for your HTVRONT vinyl, you can name it with a special nickname for the same uses in the future. Now, connect to Siser's editing program, Leonardo™ Design Studio, on the computer and be ready to start your design. How to use Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter?

How to Cut HTVRONT Vinyl with Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter?

Here, if you're an enthusiast of garment crafting, I do recommend HTVRONT Vinyl as one of your must-haves. Its vinyl features an abundance of colors, types, and sizes, and it even provides tons of perfect craft bundles for different holidays and festivals with great value for money. Besides, it combines more than just materials of vinyl. There are also candle kits and canvas for painting.

OK, then, I'm going to design three projects working with three types of vinyl and the vinyl cutter: Heat Transfer Vinyl, Adhesive Vinyl, and Printable Vinyl.

● How to cut Heat Transfer Vinyl with Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter?

Siser Juliet is good at cutting heat transfer vinyl effortlessly! After you finish the preparation mentioned above, what you need to do next is to stick the heat transfer vinyl on your cutting mat, load the cutting mat into the machine, and then set up the proper settings.

Then you can pick up some free basic designs directly from the "Design Library" of the editing program, or you can import some other images from another outside location like Google into the app. 

Choose your cutting mat size and a proper editing scope according to how big and where your material is on the mat. To avoid waste, it even designed a thoughtful "Auto Weedbox" key for your design. Now, you can extract the contour of your image or just cut out several layers of the image based on the diversity of the colors. Remember to mirror your image before cutting heat transfer vinyl. Send the cutting code to your Siser Juliet Vinyl Cutter and click "OK" on the digital screen to cut!

I have to admit that its cutting speed is pretty fast and smooth. When I take out the finished result, the cutting marks are slight, with no curls, but the vinyl has been cut through thoroughly. Therefore, the next weeding move is extremely smooth.

Preheat your heat press machine while weeding. Put your weeded design and a Teflon Sheet on your t-shirt, and set the temperature at 150℃ for 15 seconds. Remove the protective film with a cold peel. Your t-shirt project is done! Easy peasy!


● How to cut Adhesive Vinyl with Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter?

Next, we'll move to make some fabulous adhesive vinyl designs on your cups! Here, we don't need a heat press. Just prepare some transfer tape for easy transferring!

In fact, there's only a tiny difference when you make designs with adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl on the computer. You just do not mirror your image when working with adhesive vinyl. Then, you cut and weed the vinyl image out. While cutting with the vinyl cutter machine, remember to load the adhesive vinyl with the glossy front side facing up!

After the soothing weeding process, cut your transfer tape into a proper size for your vinyl image and stick them tightly with bubbles removed. Peel off the tape with your design and transfer it to your target flat and smooth object. A scraper will be a fantastic helper to complete the job!

When you peel off the tape after the design adheres firmly to your object, your work has been done! Enjoy the note of joy it brings to you!


● How to cut Printable Vinyl with Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter?

When it comes to crafts made with printable vinyl, this Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter performs really amazingly with its trace function!

Connect your printer with Siser Leonardo™ Design Studio on the computer. You can print your design through the app with a special mark. The special mark combines a cursor that can be tracked by the vinyl cutting machine and can help cut the contour of the image out precisely.

Send the "Print Artwork" code and print out your design. After printing, send the "Cutting Contours" code to the cutter. You will witness the excellent tracing process with a fast cutting speed and accurate cut. It seems that taking just a few seconds can totally complete the work! And the final weeding process will be truly free-flowing! You can peel the stickers off and apply them anywhere!

Above all is what I made with my several types of HTVRONT vinyl and the Siser Juliet Vinyl Cutter! The two of them are an amazing combination! I can't wait to see what your creativity can bring you!

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