How to Use HTVRONT Mini Heat Press

How to Use HTVRONT Mini Heat Press

I have fallen in love with this tiny cutie, HTVRONT Mini Heat Press, ever since I moved into my rented house. As we all know, bigger machines always get you into a surge of electricity and accessory costs, which can really bother personal creative businesses and craft beginners. And the appearance of a mini heat press immediately grabbed my eyes and heart.

The small heat press looks adorable and is truly practical, like the old saying: the sparrow may be small, but all its vital organs are there. After I got my heat press mini, I have made fully completion of my crafts, no matter it was garment crafts or wooden home decor.

So today, I'm going to share with you a detailed tutorial about how to use a heat press machine and recommend my favorite HTVRONT Mini Heat Press as the best heat press machine for small businesses.

Features of HTVRONT Mini Heat Press

Even though there are a big number of mini heat press brands and types on the market, my ideal model is still the small heat press from HTVRONT.

The first thing to talk about must be its portable and compact body design, which makes the mini heat press a terrific homemade crafting companion for everyone! Its lightweight feature always allows me to carry it around, even for traveling.

Unlike others with a tiny heat plate of 1.9" x 3.25", 3.1" x 2", or 1.9" x 3.3", the HTVRONT heat press mini combines a bigger heat plate with 2.6" x 4.4" in size, which is ideal for most heat transfer and even sublimation projects. Since I don't have that much need for large patterns, this one suits me a lot. And if I got a bigger item to work with, the small heat press can also help me reach the edges more effectively and quickly. That is because its heat plate has a tip shape rather than a round one.

This small heat press machine also has a ceramic-coated heating plate. That's why it heats up so fast and evenly, allowing me to efficiently finish my work and saving me lots of leisure time. In addition, its soleplate adopts durable and high-temperature resistant materials, which means this mini heat press is hard to deform and melt over time.

What I love best is the adjustable three heat settings up to a max temperature of 180℃. The low temperature is 284℉(140℃), medium temperature is 320℉(160℃), and high temperature is 356℉(180℃). The disparity between each heating mode helps achieve an abundance of creations on diverse materials like heat transfer vinyl, heat transfer paper, sublimation paper, etc.

What's more, it's totally safe to use. Last time, when I was busy baking some cookies after I finished my handicraft work but forgot to turn off the machine, I was genuinely amazed by its auto shut-off characteristic. You must fathom that I was so scared and worried when I recalled it all of a sudden, and this mini heat press machine smoothed my anxiety out.

After all these features I mentioned with my own experience, now I'll demonstrate how HTVRONT Mini Heat Press works and what it can work with.


How to use HTVRONT Mini Heat Press?

If you don't have much time to read the instructions word by word, check the video down below and get into the groove quickly!

The cutie body will not stop Mini Heat Press from being pretty and shiny! Here it comes in four colors: dark green, mint green, vibrant orange, and raspberry red. Each one can bring a fantastic working experience.

You can see clearly from the outside of the heat press mini that there's only one button on the front side, which allows you to complete the ironing process with one click. This control button can adjust the heat settings freely from the low temperature to the high temperature. So to set up a proper temp, you only need to click within three times and wait for heating up.

When the machine shines with a red light, it means that the mini heat press is heating up, and the light will turn green once it finishes the heating process.

For different materials, there will be different temp and time requirements. Typically, heat transfer vinyl asks for a 310-320℉ temperature and 10-second heating, while the sublimation technique usually goes higher at 365-400℉ and for 40 to 60 seconds. Therefore, you must pay attention to what kind of project you are going to make and have a vivid memory of their temp and time settings.

What can you do with HTVRONT Mini Heat Press?

Like other heat press machines with no regard for their sizes, this small heat press can perform fabulously with tons of crafting objects like fabrics, garments, hats, shoes, wood, metal, and even ceramic curved cups and mugs.

Check here and see what we've made with HTVRONT Mini Heat Press.

With a canvas bag inside the package box, you are capable of making personalized decor on the press bag first to strengthen your uniqueness and improve the heat press mini machine's recognition.

Then you'll see we got a black hat and a piece of processed soft metallic heat transfer vinyl. Put the vinyl sheet on the hat's brim, cover it with a Teflon sheet, set the temperature around 310-320℉, and apply the heat press mini.

Cold peel the film, and everything is done. Try this on other materials and enjoy the boundless fun!

HTVRONT Mini Heat Press vs. Cricut Mini Press

Many crafters also inquire more about the difference between HTVRONT and Cricut Mini Press, so I'm about to analyze it for you guys!

First, we have to admit that these two small mini presses are both pretty outside and feature a portable and lightweight body, which saves lots of energy while in use and carrying. And HTVRONT is even lighter. They both have this auto-off characteristic, three controllable heating modes, and heat up fast and evenly. Therefore, they both work great.

But the disparities are their handle design, the size of their heat plates, and price. Of course, one of the most attractive spots of the HTVRONT Mini Heat Press is the affordable price: $35.99. Conversely, Cricut Mini Heat Press requires $69 for each.

Comparatively speaking, HTVRONT's small heat press combines a bigger heat plate of 2.6" x 4.4" in size than Cricut's 1.9" x 3.25" one. And the well-designed heat plate lets the HTVRONT press go wherever it wants to the edges.

What's more, the HTVRONT heat press mini has an ergonomic design that can fit your palms very well. From my experience, the angle design Cricut heat press mini has sometimes made my hand sour during long-term use.

Both brands work excellently in all kinds of creative vinyl activities. Pick one that suits you most!

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