How to Design the Custom T Shirts with Heat Transfer Vinyl

Does the trending American heat transfer vinyl (HTV) craft culture excite you to create your own custom T-shirt or something? At least I wish to create one. The HTV culture is amazing as it gives design to our imagination and brings creativity in our life with beautiful designs and colors. Yes, it seems difficult to create a design with heat transfer vinyl, but it’s not that hard to do. You can easily create or design your own shirt, T-shirt or any other stuff by just knowing the basic tip and trick of the craft work.

You know, it’s so simple to apply the heat transfer vinyl on clothing stuff just with the help of iron. Even, the design sticks enough strongly as to survive from manifold wash cycles. You might have experienced the HTV work with printing process but the versatile HTV methods make it easier-to-use for us.

Maybe you also have wanted to make the featuring T shirts for your family or group of friends. So, here is the easy guideline for you to design the custom T shirt on your own.

  1. Firstly, choose the design of your choice that you like the most. It can be anything such as flower, animal, any pattern or any place. As, you are a beginner and attempt to crate HTV craft for the very first time, so keep in mind to select easy picture. This will help you to easily execute the design or else you might get stuck with it.

It is recommended you to go for the less complicated and easy design for the first time.

  1. Now clean the picture as remove the details that you don’t want or add the missing details that you want to have in your design. You can add the glare spot in design or you can delete the extra detailing, the change could be of any aspect. This process will make the final picture ready for the printing or HTV process.   
  2. After this, you need to check the side for the design, whether the selected side is suitable to cut the design or not. Remember to cut the sheet from the colorless side. In case you have colored sheet that is of the black, gold, silver and white color, use the small scratches to identify the correct side. Identify it with key assumption as the side that you lift up will be the side for cutting.
  3. Now place the heat transfer vinyl on the shirt or stuff you want to be designed. Be careful while setting the design, check the position and accurate direction of the design as this will be the final sketch of your design. Now press the image with hot iron with an average temperature of 300 to 320-degree centigrade. You need to press the image for around 10-15 seconds, not more than that. Check the image. In case, the image will not stick properly, repeat the process of pressing for another 5-7 seconds.
  4. Set it to cool down. Remove the protective sheet now from the image.

Bravo! Your DIY HTV T-shirt is ready to wear!

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Jami Kelley

can this be layered and if so can you post layeri g instructions? Thanks

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