Introductory Guides

A Brief Introduce to Cricut Explore Air 2

A cutter machine is necessary for heat transfer vinyl (HTV) craft. There are many brands of cutter machine. The common brands are Cricut and Silhouette. And the popular cutter machines are Cricut Explore Air 2 and Silhouette Cameo 3. This article gives a brief introduce to Cricut Explore Air 2 Special Edition - Martha Stewart and how to use it.  Cricut Explore Air 2 is applied to many different materials, such as HTV vinyl and cardstock. At the meantime, you can apply HTV design to paper, cotton T shirts, canvas bag, jerk, pillow cases, glass or metal bottle, windows, cork...

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Different Types of Transfer Tapes

The market makes it possible to get different types of transfer tapes; this article aims to break down the different types of transfer tape. Basically, there are about four different types of transfer tape. Each comes in different sizes. Without further ado, let's get acquainted with these types of transfer tape. 1.Ultra Clear Transfer Tape: ultra-clear tapes are produced in 12-inch by 30ft roll. It takes its name from its appearance. Many like to use ultra-clear tape if the designs or decals are to be sold due to its nice finish and its ability to see-though the tape. 2.Clear Transfer Tape:...

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Difference Between Transfer Paper and Heat Transfer Vinyl

Making creative heat transfer custom projects with vinyl transfer paper on canvases has been a great way of channeling your inner creativity. You would agree with me that having your designs on a canvas e.g., fabric, ceramic, etc. It is exciting and can be done either via vinyl heat transfer paper, heat transfer paper or printable heat transfer paper. Both methods have their peculiar similarities, which is giving you well-defined design prints; however, this article details its differences more. First, there is a general misconception about heat transfer vinyl (printable) working effectively on a desktop printer, and this is false. Printable Heat transfer...

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Beginners Guide: How to Use Clear Transfer Paper for Custom Project

Clear transfer paper greatly improves the installation and application of vinyl design. Clear transfer tapes are expedient after the vinyl design has been cut accurately, and the weeding process has been done to take out the excess vinyl from the design. Transfer tape is then applied over the design to stick to the vinyl design. Clear transfer tapes come in handy when the user is working with multiple pieces of intricate designs or objects that require proper placement and spacing. Best Tips for Beginners Using Clear Transfer Paper Tip 1: RATHER THAN REMOVING THE BACK, TRY FOLDING IT: this is...

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Heat Transfer Vinyl VS Vinyl Transfer Paper

Craft for Christmas is a beautiful experience that makes the festive season livelier and more real. There are different types of Christmas crafts and they are uniquely prepared in regard to the intended design. Files and materials are cut according the exact shapes and sizes. This is to ensure a manageable workload while crafting. Heat circuit process is used in respect to the user guide if the user has not gained enough mastery in vinyl use. The designs are laid down according to the prepared plates where the chosen color is poured. There are a variety of assorted colors at...

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