Christmas Sale Coupon Round Two

Christmas Sale Coupon Round Two

Htvront Christmas sale is on the half way now. We have released 9 coupons so far. Last time we have talked about 2 coupons.

Let's check all coupons first:

Now we can have a deep conversation about more coupons.

$20 off $40 for Glitter Vinyl

This coupons are available for all of glitter vinyl. We have 9 colors on our site now. My favorite color is laser silver. You can stock more of your favorite colors! It’s our last sale in 2020!

(I will pass the applying method since we have talked about them in our last blog!)

25% off Any 4 Printable Vinyl Bundle

HTVRont printable vinyl is great! Waterproof & Durable. But this discount may be a little confusing! Now let me show you! First add some printable vinyl bundles to your cart! Attention: you have to add at least 4 printable vinyl bundles to let the code qualify!

Then apply the coupon you got of printable vinyl bundle!

It works now! Almost $10 saved now!

This is a 25% off coupon, which means that the more you buy, the more you save!

$10 off $20 for HTV Vinyl Sheets

$7 off $15 for Bundles

$40 off $100 for the whole website

This coupons is available for the whole website! That means after you use all of the coupons, you can still use this coupon! It’s really a good price then!!!

$5 off $10 for Holographic Adhesive Vinyl

$15 off $30 for Printed Galaxy HTV Vinyl

$28 off $50 for HTV Vinyl Roll 20ft

Mysterious Coupon!

Besides all these coupons we mentioned, we also provide 2 mysterious coupons. These 2 coupons can’t be seen on our coupon page. The only place to get these is on our coupon Pop-ups

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! We still have 1 big coupon that hasn’t be shown! Don’t miss this!

We have received many orders recently using our Christmas coupon! We are so glad that you choose us! Hope you have a happy happy happy Christmas and crafts journey!

Attention: All of our products of “Special Offer” can’t use our coupons!

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